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Cosmo Foundation Initiatives

Computer Literacy Program

Computer Literacy Program

With globalization, it has become necessary to acquire basic IT knowledge and operational skills. Though it has become a part of the education system, it is yet not accessible and affordable for most of the government school kids. Looking at these needs, Cosmo Foundation introduced the Computer Literacy Program.

Salient features:

  • Partnership with 10 government primary and grant-in-aid local schools in 6 neighboring villages of the Karjan plant
  • Covers 1800 students from class I to XII every year
  • Imparts computer skills on Linux based operating systems
  • Designs curriculum, modules assessment system for teachers and students
  • Awards Laptops to the best performers
  • Conducts Basic Computer course for youth in Summer Holidays
  • Trains local youth to become trainers themselves
Cosmo Gyan Vihar Kendra

Cosmo Gyan Vihar Kendra

The major challenge faced by the Computer Literacy Program was the lack of reading and writing skills among many students. Research after research suggested that children lacked these skills which subsequently had an adverse effect on the overall learning. To address this, Cosmo GyanVihar Kendra was set up to strengthen these skills as well as to teach students to explore, experiment and express their thoughts and emotions effectively.

Salient features:

  • Linkages with primary schools in 6 villages
  • Identifies, enrolls and grades students (500+ students from Class I to VII every year)
  • Designs curriculum and activity based learning modules
  • Focuses on school readiness and teaching basic Gujarati language and mathematics
  • Trains local women as "Balmitras" (Teachers for Children)
Basic English Learning Program

Basic English Learning Program

Inspired by a severe dearth of English teachers and a persistent demand from students and teachers to make arrangements to teach English, Cosmo Foundation introduced this program

Salient Features:

  • Linkages with three primary schools (475 students from class IV to VIII every year)
  • Imparts Basic English Language Comfort Program for beginners
  • Focuses on phonetics and common reading patterns, active listening and pronunciation skills , oral communication and comprehension, cursive patterns through AVs and activity based learning
  • Conducts Basic English Learning Course in summer holidays with special focus on conversation practice and personality development
  • Facilitates academic performance, higher education and employment opportunities Life Skills Education Program:

Life Skill Education Program

This program facilitates a child to be a sensitive individual and independent thinker. The program also helps promote health and hygiene, creativity, study skills and critical thinking. Keeping this in mind, Cosmo Foundation designed five modules trained Balmitras to implement the same.

Salient Features:

  • Implementation in 8 primary schools with 550 students
  • Focuses on personal hygiene and healthy living practices
  • Promotes creativity and critical thinking through non-conventional activities and games
  • Focuses on imparting study skills by building positive attitude and correct techniques
  • Focuses on enhancing social skills, interpersonal relations and communication through various exercises