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OPP Films

Our OPP based Thermal Lamination Films have extrusion coated surface with low temperature melting resin, which enables the lamination of film to paper products by heat and pressure. Various surface finishes available add value to the printed surface.


Available Types:
Gloss Click here

Matte OPP Films

Available Types:
Matte OPP Films Click here

Our quality Scuff Free Matte film is a Polypropylene film with copolymer adhesive. This film offers economy easy separation.

Available Types:
Scuff Free Matte Click here

Linen (Embossing)

Available Types:
Linen (Embossing) Click here

Holographic (FX)

Available Types:
Holographic (FX) Click here

Scuff Free Velvet

Available Types:
Scuff Free Velvet Click here

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