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Packaging Films

Packaging solutions with excellent barrier and transmission properties for every application
Your packaging needs to stand the test of time, so it’s critical to use high-performance films. Our varied packaging films offer many advantages, including odor, gas and grease barrier properties; mechanical strength; flexibility; clarity; and chemical resistance. Available in white, clear and metallized.

Our printing & pouching films are used in the packaging of snack foods, bakery products, ice creams, fresh foods, chocolates and confectionery, etc. We offer superior performance films supporting high quality printing & converting. The films could be used either as a monoweb or as a laminate on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machines.

Available Types:
Transparency Film Click here
Matte Printing Film Click here
Pigmented White/Pearlized Click here
Metalized Printing & Pouching Film Click here

Cosmo Films, as a global leader of High barrier and Barrier packaging films, is known for its customer-centric approach in engineering & production of its high barrier packaging solutions. The focus is on tackling two key challenges faced by the industry:
[a] Minimizing food spoilage due to inferior packaging & enhancing the product’s shelf life.
[b] Reducing the consumption of packaging material achieved via laminate rationalizing.
Cosmo Barrier Films are solvent-free protecting the food against moisture & external gases. These are available in duplex/triplex laminate structure variants featuring excellent machinability.

Available Types:
Transparent Barrier Films Click here

Our range of overwrap films are used in various applications including general overwrap, cable overwrap and cigarette overwrap. Our cigarette overwrap films are co extruded, low heat sealing and hot slip modified non-treated BOPP films, which can run effortlessly on high speed machines. Different shrinkage values of these films support wrapping of both single as well as medium bundled packs.

Available Types:
Transparent Overwrap Films Click here
White Overwrap Packaging Films Click here

As the name suggests, these films are white opaque treated paper look alike films. Cosmo Synthetic Paper replace paper in applications where non-tearability and moisture resistance is desired. This Clay Coated Paper or Film behaves like paper in terms of its folding endurance and printability. They are used in applications as varied as Security Paper, flip charts, calendars & maps, baggage & garment tags, brochures, posters, hotel menu cards, hospital file folders, nursery books, visiting cards & certificates. These Clay Coated Films/Papers are available in 40 – 400 microns.

Available Types:
Cosmo Synthetic Paper Click here

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