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Lay-Flat Velvet Matte – 1.4 mil


Lay-Flat Velvet Matte film is a nylon film with a scuff-resistant surface and a very soft feel that protects and enhances the appearance of books, packages and other printed materials. This film is primarily designed for one-sided lamination, and with Lay-Flat film the finished product will lay flat .


  • Book covers
  • Dust jackets
  • Pocket folders
  • Postcards
  • Gift bags
  • Brochures
  • Presentation covers
  • Packaging


Most prints that are laminated on one side have a tendency to curl when humidity levels are high. Patented Lay-Flat film employs a substrate that adapts to changes in relative humidity, resulting in beautifully finished prints that lay flat. Lay-Flat Velvet Matte film provides a durable, scuff-resistant surface for protecting book covers, dust jackets and more. Because the film won’t scuff during production or shipping and handling, it dramatically reduces returns. The result is increased sales and higher realized margins for publishers. Lay-Flat Velvet Matte film has a matte finish that minimizes glare while preserving image color. The matte finish and soft feel will attract the buyers’ attention and increase the perceived value of the product. This film accepts UV spot coating, foil stamping, and animal- and synthetic-based glues.