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PCT-2 (DL) BKVT : Thermal Black Velvet Film


These are black coloured BOPP based velvet touch lamination films which need to be laminated to the unprinted paper before going for UV, offset or screen printing. With this solution, the black colour does not get to directly interact with inks or post lamination operations such as UV spot coating, foil stamping or embossing as it is already sandwiched between film and paper. Apart from velvet touch, these films also offer excellent scuff resistance.


  • Thermal lamination with all kinds of unprinted paper and paper boards like book covers, posters, magazines, diaries etc.
  • Luxury packaging, Cosmetics & Liquor cartons, Coffee table books, Magazines, Brochures, Manuals, Posters, Shopping bags, Wedding cards, Gift boxes, Calendars, Diaries and other product promotional materials


  • Lends intense black colour
  • Lends excellent matte velvet finish
  • Compatible for box/case making
  • Offers scuff resistance
  • Suitable for UV spot coating, foil stamping & varnishes
  • Glueable, stampable & printable

Special Instruction

  • Cosmo black BOPP based velvet touch thermal matte film can be laminated with the temperature range of 100 to 120 deg C. It is recommended,around 10 to 20 deg C higher lamination temperature than standard matte film due to higher thermal resistance of velvet surface.
  • Similarly the lamination speed should be reduced by 30 to 40 % relative to standard matte film.
  • Strongly recommend to handle with care and cleanliness as it may spoil it's look by rough handling, dust contamination and scratches.
  • It is advisable to cool sufficiently one surface before proceeding the lamination to other surface.
  • It is recommended to do the post lamination operation after 24 hrs.

Typical Values