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High Barrier Films

Cosmo Films, as a global leader of High barrier and Barrier packaging films, is known for its customer-centric approach in engineering & production of its high barrier packaging solutions. The focus is on tackling two key challenges faced by the industry:
[a] Minimizing food spoilage due to inferior packaging & enhancing the product’s shelf life.
[b] Reducing the consumption of packaging material achieved via laminate rationalizing.
Cosmo Barrier Films are solvent-free protecting the food against moisture & external gases. These are available in duplex/triplex laminate structure variants featuring excellent machinability.

Leading the packaging industry, Cosmo Transparent Barrier Films are known for durability & appealing look. Our key focus behind its development was to reduce food spoilage caused by inferior packaging & raw material consumption. Cosmo Barrier Films checks both the boxes by enhancing the shelf life of the product with its superior quality & laminate rationalizing. We produce a range of moisture & gas barrier films.

Available Types:
C1010 (A-A) : Transparent Barrier(Both Side Acrylic Coated) Film Click here
C1011 (A-P) : Transparent Barrier (One Side Acrylic Other Side Coated) Film Click here

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