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thermal films

Thermal Films

Superior bond to protect your color prints
As the world’s largest manufacturer of thermal lamination films, Cosmo Films North America is dedicated to providing the best possible structure for satisfying our customers’ needs. We offer a diverse range of thermal laminating films in varying thicknesses, finishes and adhesives to put just the right flair on your printed material.

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digital films

Digital Film

The ideal answer for fast-paced print shops
Our Hi-Tac Digital film or Digitally Printed Films substrates and finishing solutions create durable laminated on-demand digital prints. Recommended for use on digital presses such as Xerox iGen3, Kodak NexPress, Canon imagePRESS and more.

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Prime Labels. Prime Films

Prime Label Films

Applications for all your labeling needs
With a key focus on injection mold, self-adhesive and wrap around applications, Cosmo Films offers an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-performance Prime Labels and Product Labels Film for many types of containers in varying opacities and transparencies.

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Packaging films

Packaging Films

Packaging solutions with excellent barrier and transmission properties for every application
Your packaging needs to stand the test of time, so it’s critical to use high-performance films. Our varied packaging films offer many advantages, including odor, gas and grease barrier properties; mechanical strength; flexibility; clarity; and chemical resistance. Available in white, clear and metallized.

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