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The installed capacity of renewable energies has been increasing exponentially in the last decades. In the coming years the development of new projects will be accelerated driven by global warming and independence from fossil energies.
Wind power and photovoltaic systems are based on powerful AC-DC and DC-AC converters. They require reliable power capacitors for AC filtering and voltage stabilization in the DC link circuits.
Compactness of DC link capacitors may be achieved by optimizing the internal volume of the case by using the right winding technology and increasing the field strength (V/µm), which is directly linked with the use of thinner films for the same nominal voltage.
Since PV is strongly influenced by cost pressure then new inverters are forced to offer very high efficiency of up to 98 percent with longer maintenance periods.
This application is demanding cost optimized standard products with reduced ESR and ESL. The capacitors should be optimized to work at higher frequencies.
It is as well strongly influenced by cost pressure with a trend to increase nominal voltage (high power specially in off-shore application) and reduce weight, low ESR and ESL are important parameters .

Both applications are demanding higher current densities

Standard Resistance
Use Active Area Heavy Edge
Lighting 10 ± 3.0Ω/□ ≤ 3.0Ω/□
Other resistances are available on request

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