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Sustainable Solutions

Cosmo Films is a leading manufacturer of specialty films worldwide, innovating efficient & sustainable solutions that serve both, the client & the environment. Our aim is to create a 100% circular plastic economy by engineering high-quality products that are recyclable. We’re achieving this by targeting the major challenges of recyclability, energy/material consumption & deforestation in the labeling, packaging, print & lamination industries.

We are producing mono-material BOPP & CPP films to replace BOPET films & rigid aluminum packaging. Our flexible films bring down the energy consumption & CO2 emission during transportation by taking much less space as compared to rigid packaging. The conventional BOPET films are heterogeneous, made using different substrates (for each property) which need to be separated before recycling. Our BOPP & CPP films are mono-material, yet offer a high barrier against gases & resistance to heat, and can be directly recycled. They are better yielding and require less consumption of plastics, reducing the overall cost of the laminate.

We are also reducing global deforestation by replacing regular paper with our Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP), which does not require wood pulp in production. Scroll down to explore our range of sustainable solutions.


High Barrier Films

Cosmo Films produces a range of BOPP films for packaging that provides a high barrier against moisture, gas & oil, increasing the shelf life of packaged products. Our barrier films have successfully helped multiple renowned food & beverage brands in achieving high performance in packaging.

Cosmo High Barrier Films are especially known for high durability to withstand tough conditions, stunning print quality to support complex designs & multiple print technologies, and high seal strength that keeps intact the packaged products amongst other factors. All these features perfectly meet modern branding & packaging requirements.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Barrier Films

    - C1010 (A-A): High gloss, high aroma barrier, broad seal

    - C1011 (A-P): High oxygen & aroma barrier, broad seal

  • Metalized Barrier Films

    - HST-2 (HMB) MO: High moisture barrier, heat sealable, both side coated

    - HST-1 (HSB) MO TO95: Broad seal, high hot track, SIT 95

    - HST-1 (HSB) MO TO85: Broad seal, high hot track, SIT 85


Ultra High Barrier Films

Cosmo Ultra High Barrier (UHB) films are an addition to our extensive range of High Barrier Films for food packaging. These provide an excellent barrier against three factors that cause spoilage—moisture, gas & aroma. While barrier films generally require 3 different layers to achieve these results, UHB Films require 2 layers. Also, UHB Films offer resistance to mineral & oil, which makes them the perfect choice for fat-rich product packaging like nuts, dry fruits & spices.

Available Types:

  • HST 1 (UHB) MO: Broad seal, high hot track
  • HST 2 (UHB) MO: Broad seal, high hot track, both side CT

Heat Resistant Films

Cosmo Heat Resistant Films are engineered to revolutionize the packaging industry by overcoming the major challenge of lamination shrinkage. The heat released during the packaging process often leads to shrinkage, compromising the efficiency & aesthetics of the packaging

Cosmo Heat-Resistant BOPP films can withstand high temperatures, serving as the perfect replacement for the traditional BOPET structure. It provides a high barrier against oil, gas & moisture, heat resistance, high durability & machinability, and sustainability by facilitating recycling.

Available Types:

  • PCT-2 (HB) HR: Transparent Heat Resistant Films
  • TeploR
  • PCT-2 (HB) HR MO: Metalized Heat Resistant Films

Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene based film that resembles the regular paper, but does not require wood in the production. It is a huge step to reduce global deforestation by replacing wood-pulp paper for durable applications.

CSP is a recyclable & eco-friendly substitute for the wood-pulp paper known for its resistance to tear, water, chemical & oil, excellent print quality, and compatibility with multiple print technologies. It is currently used by global brands for labels, books, tags, menu cards, marksheets, ID cards & more.

Available Types:

  • CSPR-2 (M): Standard Synthetic Paper
  • CSPR-2 (M) TC: Top Coated Synthetic Paper
  • CSPR-2 (M) BTC: Both Sides Coated Synthetic Paper
  • CSPR-2 (M) BTC: Laser Printable (Dry Toner) Both Sides Coated White Synthetic Paper
  • CSPR-2 (MW) BTC: High Tear Resistance Non Coated Synthetic Paper