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AL-ZN Segmented
Metallised Polypropylene Film


Segment film technology is applied in the construction of segment electrodes. The electrode of metallized film is divided into many segments, which are separated by demetallized insulation strips and inter-connected by narrow fuses. The breakdown happens in metallized polypropylene film (MPPF) capacitor that is self-healing, which means that the insulation will recover after the breakdown and the capacitor can still work afterward.
This type of capacitor is very advantageous in various circuits. Some of the applications of the filter capacitor are listed below:
• In the design of high pass filters, low pass filters, etc…that are analog filters.
• Line filters, which are present in the sets of television so that the flicking of images can be avoided.
• As the protective circuits where the concern is about heavy loads such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc…
• Mainly these are preferred in the processing of signals.

Standard Resistance
Use Active Area Heavy Edge
Lighting 10 ± 3.0Ω/□ ≤ 3.0Ω/□
Other resistances are available on request

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