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AL-ZN Standard
Metallised Polypropylene Film


Polypropylene film capacitors meet the criteria for stability Class 1 capacitors and have low electrical losses and nearly linear behavior over a very wide temperature and frequency range. They are used for oscillators and resonant circuits; for electronic filter applications with high quality factor (Q) such as high-pass filters, low-pass filters and band-pass filters as well as for tuning circuits; for audio crossovers in loudspeakers; in sample and hold A/D converters and in peak voltage detectors. Tight capacitance tolerances are required for timing applications in signal lights or pulse width generators to control the speed of motors, PP film capacitors are also well-suited because of their very low leakage current. Common applications, which leads to overlapping use.
• Television signal splitter consisting of a high-pass filter (left) and a low-pass filter (right).
• Audio crossovers are a type of electronic filter circuitry that splits an audio signal into two or more frequency ranges, so that the signals can be sent to loudspeaker drivers that are designed to operate within different frequency ranges.

Standard Resistance
Use Film Width Active Area (Ω/□) Heavy Edge (Ω/□)
AC/ DC 8.5 to 155mm 7.5 ± 2.5 2.5  ± 1.0
Other resistances are available on request

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