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Industrial Films

We offer a wide range of ready to use industrial film for useful applications, such as adhesive tapes, textile bags, long lasting printing applications etc.

We offer non heat sealable transparent films for pressure sensitive tapes in range of 21-40 microns. Films are generally offered with one side treated surface for enabling adhesive anchorage with water, solvent and acrylic based PS adhesives. The films offer excellent flatness, gloss and clarity.

Available Types:
Adhesive Tape Films Click here

We offer non heat sealable transparent films for textile bags in range of 25-42 microns. Films are generally offered with one side treated surface for enabling surface printing. Just like the adhesive tape films, these films offer excellent flatness, gloss and clarity. They also offer good mechanical properties for pouching applications.

Available Types:
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Cosmo Films is a leading Release Film Manufacturer across the globe. We offer wide range of transparent, untreated, non-heat sealable Release film for release liner applications in 12/15/17/18/20 microns. These Release film offer low surface energy and good optics.

Available Types:
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Synthetic Paper is a replacement of paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired. It is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene based synthetic film which resembles paper in appearance. It is non-tearable, has moisture & chemical resistance and excellent lay flatness. This version of Synthetic Matte Paper is also pertinent in today’s scenario where conservation of environment and sustainability are need of the hour. It helps in water conservation, prevents air pollution, and does not make use of hazardous chemicals at the time of manufacturing. Moreover, it is printable with most of the available printing technologies and can be folded, sheeted, die-cut, perforated, serrated, foil stamped, laminated and even writable with oil based pens and pencils.

The versatility of synthetic paper is reflected in the vast number of applications where it can be used. This includes application segments such as commercial printing, tags & labels, retail & packaging, identification & credentials and outdoors.

Commercial Printing

Cosmo Synthetic Paper’s excellent printability and durability makes it an ideal choice for printing marketing collaterals, menu cards, books, instruction manuals etc. With remarkable moisture and chemical resistance, this non tearable paper also yields exceptional colour reproducibility and superior ink adhesion.

Tags & Labels

When it comes to tags and labels, Cosmo Synthetic Paper is suitable for multiple applications as varied as food labels, apparel tags, airport luggage transfer tags, caution labels etc. For customers, this non tearable paper and tags offers higher yield, ease of convertibility, excellent printability and compatibility with different types of PS adhesives.

Retail & Packaging

Cosmo Synthetic Paper enhances the retail and packaging experience by bringing out superior print vibrancy while offering excellent durability for indoor banners, billboards, POP displays etc. It is also preferred by major global brands for being an environment friendly substrate.

Identification & Credentials

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is ideal for printing visiting cards, national ID cards, certificates and mark sheets etc. Being moisture, tear and chemical resistant, it offers excellent durability and high quality prints compatible with different security features and variable data. One can also write on this non tearable paper with a pen or a pencil just like a normal sheet of paper.


Cosmo Synthetic Paper is suitable for outdoor applications like billboards, horticulture ID tags, bus shelter displays etc. It offers moisture and chemical resistance while it also maintains print colour consistency against UV exposure and different weather conditions. In addition, the non tearable paper offers superior strength and excellent printability with diverse printing techniques.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH and RoHS compliant.

Available Types:
Synthetic Paper Click here

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