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Label Films

We understand the importance of the role, that Product Labels plays in creating brand value, besides distinguishing the company’s product from the competition and ensuring legibility of the information printed on it. Our range of Label Films and Coated Labels enable complete information legibility on a constricted surface area available for the brand presentation. The transparent label films offer a perfect ‘no label’ look, while the metallized labels add to the shelf appeal of the pack.

Majority of the home care & personal care products around the globe use our label stock films for their self-adhesive label needs. Our Pressure Sensitive LabelStock (PSL) Films also find usage in imparting functional and aesthetic appeal in beverage and pharmaceutical products. All the films meant for label face stock are Universal Printable films; which means that they can deliver superior print performance across diverse printing processes which include UV, flexography, gravure, letterpress and offset. The films are also compatible with all ink based systems, i.e., UV, water based and solvent.

Available Types:
Transparent Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films Click here
White Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films Click here
Metalized Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films Click here

Our Wrap Around Label Film is widely used for food & beverage product labelling by top brands in the industry. We supply wrap film for both cut & stack, and reel fed application. These are available under different categories.

Available Types:
Transparent Wrap Around Label Films Click here
Pearlised Wrap Around Label Films Click here
Metalized Wrap Around Label Films Click here

In Mould labels are getting increasingly popular due to good aesthetics, durability of the label and the elimination of an additional step of labelling the container. Our current portfolio consists of white films with good anti-static and orange peel effect. Transparent films are under development.

Available Types:
White In Mould Label (IML) Films Click here
Transparent In Mould Label (IML) Films Click here

Label over lamination films consist of both standard as well as premium products providing both protection as well as rich aesthetics to the printed label.

Available Types:
Transparent Label Over Lamination Films Click here

Direct Thermal Printable Films or DTP Film are BOPP films with a proprietary coating which enables image/impression formation on the film upon contact with the print head of the thermal printer. A protective layer is generally applied to protect the coated surface from mechanical abrasion, climatic factors, chemical products etc. The film thus offers good scuff & water resistance. The film also lends an excellent paper like matte finish and produces a dark image on printing while consuming limited energy during the printing process. It is used for a multitude of applications like information labelling (airport baggage tags), manufacturing to retail tracking, POS weight and price labelling, etc.

Available Types:
Direct Thermal Printable (DTP) Films Click here

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