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Metalized Barrier Films

Our focus on our customers’ needs led to the development of our range of barrier films. These Barrier films provide solutions for two of the biggest challenges the packaging film industry is facing:
[a] reducing food wastage through enhanced shelf life of food products, and;
[b] reducing packaging material consumption through laminate rationalization
Our range of moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier films are solvent-free coated films, which are generally used in duplex/triplex laminate structures, and offer very good machinability.

Available Types:

HST-2 (MO) HMB : High Barrier Metalized Film


It is a co-extruded, one side metalised and other side treated heat sealable Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film.


  • High moisture barrier
  • Outstanding metal appearance
  • Excellent metal adhesion to film
  • Good barrier to gas and light
  • Good heat seal strength


  • Inner seal web in multi-layer laminate
  • Sandwich lamination


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