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Metalized Wrap Around Label Films

Metalized Wrap Around Label Films, as the name suggests, showcase a metal-like appearance that gives an edge to the product. That’s why our films are used by top beverage brands. Our WAL films are compatible with cut-stock as well as reel-fed applications. Scroll down for details.

Available Types:

HST-1 (PLO) MO : Metalized White Opaque Wrap Around Label Film

Description :

It is a co-extruded, one side metalised and other side heat sealable super white opaque Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film.

Features :

Outstanding shiny metal appearance High optical density Excellent stiffness Good mould resistance Excellent adhesion of aluminum to film Excellent machinability Low density and high yield Good ink adhesion

Applications :

Reel-fed wrap around labels for soft drinks bottles.

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