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Interview of Mr. Neeraj Jain, CFO, Cosmo Films

Dalal Street, August- September 2017
In this edition of Dalal Steet, Mr. Jain primarily talked about the role of CFOs in India and how it is evolving. He also highlighted few points about the company. ...Read More

GST- A Structural reform propelling India’s growth story with greater compliance

Industrial Products Finder, August 2017
With Goods and Services Tax becoming operational from July 1, 2017, the whole government machinery is working day & night to ensure smooth roll out and efficiency at every step. ...Read More

Fair’s fair

Plastics in Packaging, August 2017
Virtual and augmented reality were popular concepts at the recent Interpack show, but companies including TNA solutions have already reported ‘real’ significant orders and sales on the back of the exhibition. ...Read More

Cosmo Films among Fortune India’s 25 Greatest Value Creators

IFCA, July- September 2017
The BOPP films manufacturer Cosmo Films has made it to Fortune India’s Elite list of top 25 greatest value creators companies from among its The Next 500, which enlists the most valuable mid-size enterprises. ...Read More

Bagging a Winner: advances in converting and bag making

Film & Sheet Extrusion, August 2017
Bag-making is not considered to be at the leading edge of plastics technology but- despite bag bans coming into force across the world- there is still huge demand for these products. ...Read More

Smart Manufacturing, Internet of Things- Vital Pillars of Business

Agro & Food & Processing, April 2017
Machines featuring hygienic design in the industry are constantly being optimized to make them as easy to clean as possible. ...Read More

Interview of Mr. S. Satish, Global Head- Sales and Marketing, Cosmo Films

ME Printer, April 2017
In the April 2017 issue of ME Printer, Mr. S. Satish talked about global packaging trends driving demands for BOPP films and the company’s business in Middle Eastern market. ...Read More

Getting ready to use

Paper in Pack, March 2017
When in January 2017, Cosmo Films, the leading manufacturer of speciality BOPP films, introduced many additions to its range of barrier films, it said that these films could be used for wide range of FMCG packaging. ...Read More

Protecting the Product and the Environment

Packaging Strategies, March 2017
Advancement in films- for nearly all types of packaging- continue to prove we are only touching the surface of these dominant materials. ...Read More

Meeting Unmet Needs

Paper in Pack, January 2017
For all those who are associated with packaging, lamination, industrial and labeling industries, there is good news. ...Read More

A Structural Shift

Business India, January 2017
Few first-generation Indian promoters would keep away from the running of the company and leave to the professionals ...Read More

Hoping for better future

ET Polymers, December 2016- January 2017
As we all set to leave 2016 behind us, let’s take a review of the year and projection for the coming year. ...Read More

Film flexes its muscles

FlexoTech, December 2016
As packaging has evolved from its original purpose to protect, preserve and identify products into a marketing channel in its own right, so the demands being made on flexible packaging have kept on growing. ...Read More


Dalal Street, December 2016
Dalal Street, in its December 2016 issue featured an interview of our CFO, Mr. Neeraj Jain. In the interview he talked about the recent product developments, company expansion and its future plans. ...Read More

Stretching a point- Advances in BOPP

Films & Sheet Extrusion, September 2016
Most Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is used for food packaging – and so film producers know that any extra properties they can bring out to their products will make them potentially more attractive. ...Read More

Knowledge Sharing Workshop

Mumbai Mudrak Sangh, September 2016
Mr. Pradeep Masalkar took over the technical aspect with a visual presentation and explained in detail with actually sketching diagrams on the board. An informative brochure along with samples was handed out to each participant at the start. ...Read More

Films for the Future

Labels & Labeling, February 2016
Statistics from Finat and TLMI show film growth continuing to outpace paper in pressure sensitive label applications in developed markets. ...Read More

Offering Smooth Covers

Dalal Street, January 2016
There are many companies in India that fail to attract investors in spite of having better factors of growth. In this light, we present to you the largest biaxially oriented polypropylene (or BOPP) film exporter from India. The company we are referring to is Cosmo Films. ...Read More

A golden age for packaging

L & L Yearbook 2016
A number of things point to 2016 being a big year for package printing. From new possibilities in short runs and personalize flexible packaging, to further advances in in folding carton production, this year has a potential to be a golden age of package printing and converting, and a great time for label printers and converters to truly capitalize on the opportunities. ...Read More

India ratings upgrades Cosmo Films to ‘IND A’

Plasticscope, November 2015
India Ratings and Research Institute (Ind-Ra), a Fitch group company in its recent annual rating review has upgraded Cosmo Films Limited’s (CFL) long term credit rating to ‘IND A’ from previous rating of ‘IND A-‘. ...Read More

BOPP line adds 42% to output

Film and Sheet Extrusion, November 2015
Cosmo Films of India is to boost production of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) with the installation of a new production line. ...Read More

Cosmo Films plans expansion of Gujarat and Maharashtra facilities

Chemical Weekly, November 2015
Cosmo Films Ltd, a manufacturer of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropelene (BOPP) is planning to invest Rs. 220 crore to expand capacity at its Gujarat and Maharashtra facilities. ...Read More

Advances in multi-layer packaging

Film and Sheet Extrusion, October 2015
A sure sign that countries like India are developing into a major economic forces is an increase in cutting edge technologies- such as those used for production of sophisticated packaging film. ...Read More

Cosmo Films to increase BOPP production capacity

Plasticscope, October 2015
Cosmo Films Limited has announced plans to install a new 10.4 mtr BOPP line by early 2017. The line has already been ordered and will increase the company’s annual BOPP capacity from 140k to 200k MT. ...Read More

Cosmo Films announces business head for East Asia

Plasticscope, October 2015
Cosmo Films recently announced Dharmesh Zavery as Business Head for its East Asian operations. Dharmesh will be based out of company’s Japan office. ...Read More

Opakowanie October 2015

Opakowanie October 2015
Opakowanie in its October 2015 issue covered the news about Cosmo unveiling its range of barrier films at 4th Speciality Flexible Packaging Conference held in Mumbai, India in October 2015. ...Read More

Cosmo Films is breaking barriers

Packaging News, September-October 2015
As barrier properties get increasingly important for packaged food products, flexible players in the space seem to be gearing up for the development. ...Read More

Cosmo expands production in Shendra

Film and Sheet Extrusion, September 2015
Cosmo has installed two additional lines at its plant in Shendra, India- which can now manufacture the company’s entire range of speciality films. ...Read More

Interview of Mr. Pankaj Poddar

Poligrafika, September 2015
In the September 2015 issue of Poligrafika, Mr. Pankaj Poddar talked about the company and its recent endeavors. ...Read More

Indian packaging industry growing leaps and bounds

Packaging India, August-September 2015
Interview of Mr. Ashok Jaipuria, Managing Director and Chairman, Cosmo Films Limited ...Read More

Flexible Film Star Shines

PKN, July- August 2015
In 2001 Cosmo films became known for developing the first film which could take extrusion coating without primer. If that wasn’t enough, it also embarked on developing a range of thermal lamination products. ...Read More

Cosmo Films North America on Expansion Drive

Modern Plastics India, July 2015
Sandeep Dutta is now President of Cosmo Films, US Operations. He re-designation forms and integral part of company’s strategic plan to strengthen its position in North American market and its further footprints. ...Read More

Speciality films offered by Cosmo films Ltd

Reliance Polymer, May 2015
In-mould labeling may be the ‘new kid in the block’, but it is definitely here to stay. Affordability and durability are the two main reasons working in favour of this labeling type. ...Read More

Metallised BOPP for High Barrier

Film and Sheet Extrusion, April 2015
Cosmo Films has developed a new high barrier metallised BOPP film. The film, generally used as part of Duplex/triplex laminate structure with OPP/PET/PE, offers a good lamination bond. ...Read More

Interview of Mr. Pankaj Poddar

Opakowanie April 2015
Opakowanie interviewed Mr Pankaj Poddar in its April 2015 issue. In the interview he spoke about the company and its future plans. ...Read More

In the spot light

Orientate, April 2015
Orientate featured Cosmo's business profile in their April 2015 Issue. It focused on Cosmo's product offerings and how it differentiates itself from other BOPP manufacturers. ...Read More

Developments in Packaging Films

Labels & Labeling, March 2015
Packaging films are on a path of constant research and development (R&D) to enhance their characteristics and improve suitability for use in a variety of applications. As such films take on the mantle of primary packaging, this ranges from their strength and preventing migration, to maximizing both shelf life and shelf appeal. ...Read More

Cosmo’s high barrier BOPP films for packaging

PrintWeek, March 2015
With barrier properties becoming increasingly important for packaged food products, flexible players in the space seem to be gearing up for innovation. ...Read More

Cosmo Films expands US operations

Orientate, February 2015
Cosmo Films has confirmed a US$750,000 investment for its US manufacturing plant in Hagerstown in Marryland. The facility, which manufactures thermal lamination films, will see upgrades and additions to its extrusion lines and slitting fleet. ...Read More

Company News

Poligrapfika, January 2015
Poligrafika in its January 2015 issue covered our company news with a focus on velvet film. ...Read More

In-mould labels films: one of the speciality films offered by Cosmo Films

Packaging Europe, October 2014
In-mould labeling may be the latest additions to the labeling techniques, but it is definitely here to stay. Affordability and durability are the two main reasons working in favour of this labeling type. ...Read More

New Cosmo Films facility extends global reach

Labels & Labeling, September 2014
Cosmo Films, India’s largest BOPP film manufacturer and exporter, has opened its third plant at Shendra, a greenfield site in the Special Economic Zone in Aurangabad. The company has two other plants, one in Waluj, Aurangabad, and the other close to Vadodara in Gujarat. ...Read More

Waste not Want not

Packaging & Converting Intelligence, September 2014
Roughly a third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Annually this figure equates to approximately 1.3 billion tons, with water, land, energy, labour and capital all needlessly squandered in this process. ...Read More

Cosmo focuses on exports

Packaging South Asia, September 2014
Gujarat-based Cosmo Films exports 55% of its produce to North America and Europe. According to CEO Pankaj Poddar the company installed its third Indian plant at Shendra SEZ (Special Economic Zone) near Aurangabad, Maharashtra in June 2014, at a cost of US$ 5 million- a BRC certified unit 40,000 TPA of BOPP and 9,600 TPA of thermal laminated films. ...Read More

Cosmo Films strengthens its exports with a new SEZ

Labels India, August-September, 2014
With 60% of sales coming from exports & international operations and increased focus on speciality, innovative and value added products, Cosmo Films demarcates its newly opened Shendra plant especially for exports. ...Read More

Truly Cosmopolitan

Packaging Europe, July 2014
Cosmo Films is guided by a commitment to achieving high quality, innovative and cost effective products. As a result of this strategy, the company is one of the largest players in BOPP films in India and regularly introduces new solutions in each of the verticals it operates in. ...Read More

Executive Interview- Pankaj Poddar

Orientate, May 2014
Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films Limited joined the company as CFO and in less than three years became the CEO. During his leadership, Cosmo has established a new plant and has expanded capacity into BOPP and speciality coatings. ...Read More