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  • Cosmo Films announces new name ‘Cosmo First’, bonus post record results

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  • Cosmo Films announces CPP film expansion

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  • Cosmo Films Launches White Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Film

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  • Cosmo Films posts 96% growth in quarterly EPS

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  • cosmo_films


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  • Cosmo Films reports Yearly EBITDA increased by 53% and PAT by 109%

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  • TeploR Heat Resistant Film

    Cosmo Films develops TeploR Heat Resistant Film to facilitate a circular economy

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  • Cosmo Films Launches BOPP Clear Thermal Lamination Film with Antimicrobial Properties

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  • Cosmo Films to set up a new Line for Speciality Polyester (BOPET) Films

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  • Cosmo Films reports 53% increase in EBITDA and 69% in PAT on YOY basis

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Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Pavan Parikh
Constantia Parikh

Our relationship with Cosmo is more than a decade old. They have been our steady & successful partner in our metamorphos

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Leandro D. Páez
Cartocor S.A.Division Flexibles

We got associated with Cosmo Films in 2016 and we have been procuring barrier films from them. Our experience of working wit

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Diego Triana
Tauroquimica S.A.S

It has been a year since we started working with Cosmo Films. We buy BOPP based packaging films from Cosmo and our overall e

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Hong Nhung
Semitech Vina Co. Ltd.

We have been associated with Cosmo Films for one and a half years and we mainly procure Synthetic Paper from them. Together,

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Ali Heidari

Our partnership with Cosmo Films Ltd. started almost three years ago in 2015 and they supply DTP films to us. It has been gr

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Udhav Shrestha
Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Our association with Cosmo Films started one and a half years ago. We procure overwrap films from them and they have truly l

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Edgardo Dünner G.
Hagraf Group

We have been associated with Cosmo Films for last 10 years and they have been supplying both packaging and lamination films

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Peter Capone
Garlock Printing

Cosmo Films has helped us reduce the amount of in house raw material inventory by developing a customized stocking plan with

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Kevin Hyde
Hyde & Hyde Inc.

Cosmo Films is an excellent film supplier who truly understands the needs of each customer and works diligently to ensure al

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Chuck DiPietro
Bema Inc.

Cosmo Films and their local team of sales, customer service, and warehouse managers have built trust within our team by prov

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J.M. Lastra
Ritrama S.A

We have been associated with Cosmo Films for last one year and we buy coated and uncoated BOPP Films for PS label needs. We

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PROTACK (Autoadesivos)

We would like to thank Cosmo for its support throughout all these years of partnership. The high quality of Cosmo’s BO

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Leading Label Stock Manufacturer, Europe

Cosmo has been providing us with coated label films with zero complaints on consistent basis.

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