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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Barrier Packaging

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Barrier Packaging

Getting a product from production to the consumer’s hands is a long journey in which packaging plays a crucial role. It not only helps in making it look appealing but ensures that the content inside stays in optimum conditions.
Packaging has grown over the years to maximise the appeal and shelf life of products. One of the successful types is barrier packaging. As the name suggests, this type of packaging builds a barrier between products and the outside environment.

In this growing market, here are three things about barrier packaging that you probably didn’t know.

Protection Beyond O2
Oxygen is the first term people throw around when talking about barrier packaging. While it reacts with many factors, the oxygen barrier should never be the sole reason you choose a barrier packaging material over the other.
A combination of multiple factors affects the product’s usability packed inside (oxygen being just one of them). Moisture seepage introduces water that can cause mould formation. Loss of aroma makes food products less desirable and sometimes affects their taste. Even overexposure to light can tamper with the nutritional value.

Food Products are Not Everything
It is a common misconception that barrier packaging is only used in the food packaging industry.
We agree that the food industry is a huge part but think about packaging detergent or electronics where a hint of moisture can spoil the contents inside. Apart from the moisture barrier properties, adequate machinability improves efficiency in packaging, allowing companies to increase their total capacity.

Prevents Wastage
Waste is a common global problem. Many companies have taken up the social responsibility of doing their part in this battle against waste & the right barrier packaging can make a sizeable difference.
It reduces the amount of waste contributed in two ways:
● Good barrier packaging keeps the contents packed inside isolated from the environment, thus increasing their shelf-life. This means fewer products would have to be discarded because they reached their expiration date.
● How the company packages its products could cause material waste. The apt barrier film for your product gets them bespoke packaging that uses raw material to the best of its ability & reduces waste.

Barrier Films by Cosmo Films
The innovative minds at Cosmo Films came up with Barrier films, a BOPP-based flexible packaging solution used by major brands worldwide.
Our films are impervious, keeping the outside factors at bay. Its biaxial orientation adds toughness and resistance to tearing, making it more durable than other options in the market. Here are a few more features:
● Low sealing threshold
● High seal strength
● Broad sealing range
● Solvent-free coating

All these, paired with its other benefits, make our variant of barrier films great for packaging products, especially oxygen-sensitive food. You can choose between transparent, white or metalized barrier film, with each having some benefits over the others. We also offer ultra-high barrier film that offers special mineral oil resistance.
Don’t know which is the best option for you? Contact us & get in touch with our experts who can guide you through all the pros & cons.

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