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4 Applications That Should Use Cosmo Synthetic Paper

4 Applications That Should Use Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Paper is widely used in multiple industries because of its print versatility. From things as small as visiting cards to huge billboards that you cross when driving on the road, its applications are countless. Following its rise in the print & similar industries, other options sprung up and put themselves forward for companies to make use of. One of those variants that offers itself as an alternative to pulp-based paper is Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

What is Cosmo Synthetic Paper?
Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) is a co-extruded, BOPP-based synthetic film that acts as a direct replacement for traditional paper where longevity is needed. It is white opaque and resembles traditional paper in appearance, but has a wide variety of features that make it an upgrade over its counterpart. Let’s go over a few of those:

  • It is tear-free.
  • It is resistant to water, oil & chemicals.
  • It is compatible with multiple print processes.
  • It has excellent folding endurance & lay flatness.
  • It is dimensionally stable & writable.
  • It is durable & recyclable.

While the features are amazing, most industries don’t know how to implement CSP in their businesses. Here are 4 applications that we think should make the switch.

Menu Cards
Restaurants and cafes use menu cards to showcase what their place offers. It is the first piece of interaction with your customers and hence, should be ideal to make a great first impression. However, menu cards are victim to water spills & greasy hands, both of which deteriorate their condition with time.
On the flip side, menu cards printed on CSP look new even after many years because the synthetic paper does not absorb water, oil or grease. All that goes away by simply wiping it clean with a cloth.

Baggage Tags
Baggage tags help identify one’s luggage while travelling. There are many options in the market with catchy designs, but none can withstand tearing. Tags printed on CSP don’t tear, even if someone manually tried to do it.
Not just for consumers, CSP tags are a boon for the printing industry too because of their excellent printability. It can be sheeted, hot foil stamped and is also compatible with digital printing techniques like thermal transfer.

Outdoor Billboards
Billboards are great for advertisements and are used by brands worldwide. It’s catchy and useful, but only if it is readable. Most billboards fail to keep up with the harsh outdoor weather.
Cosmo Synthetic Paper’s durability, resistance to moisture and excellent printability make it ideal for printing billboards. From sunny days to heavy showers, these billboards will display your adverts until you decide to take them down.

Wedding Albums
Newly-wed couples invest big in their wedding album as it showcases memories of their special day. Unfortunately, the rolling years aren’t kind to them as these albums fade, tear or are damaged by moisture.
To truly store those memories ‘forever’, one can opt to print them on CSP. A few of its variants are printable on both sides by HP Indigo, letterpress, UV offset, electrophotography, and more. These also have a high tear & moisture resistance to keep the albums in mint condition.

These applications are just the start. One can use Cosmo Synthetic Paper in hundreds of industries to make the experience of both the business & end consumers better.

Contact us to know more or get a free sample to try it out yourself.

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