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5 Reasons You Should Use Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Tags & Labels

5 Reasons You Should Use Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Tags & Labels

Labeling a product is not just about putting paper onto it with all the information in an aesthetically appealing way. You need to factor in your label/tag’s durability, endurance to rough conditions, print quality & much more. Using the conventional pulp-based paper for labeling & tagging application is not a viable option, as it is prone to damages. Brands are thus switching to Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP), which is an extremely durable solution, perfect for labels & tags.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why you should be using CSP for your product labeling.

100% Resistant to Moisture, Tear & Oil
Certain products need to be stored in moisture, others might undergo rough conditions in the logistics. You need a label that sticks along throughout, no matter what the conditions are. Cosmo Synthetic Paper labels/tags turn out to be the perfect partner, as they are extremely durable. Made using a synthetic substrate, it is resistant to moisture & oil and does not tear even in rough conditions. Wondering how can a paper not tear even in the toughest conditions? Check out this video & you’ll know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogCyb9gLtrw

Compatible with Stitching & Hot Foil Stamping
CSP is a versatile solution that is compatible with multiple converting processes. Some tag applications, like rice bags & quilts, require stitching the label. CSP is stitch-able, thus replacing the traditional cloth-based labels in quilt & rice bag applications. Also, it is compatible with hot foil stamping & does not melt during the process. It is compatible with piercing, punching & many other processes, serving as your perfect labeling partner.

Chemical Resistance
Labels for heavy-duty industrial use need to be extra tough, especially in applications like chemical drums. Another common product labeling application that sees high exposure to chemicals is in laboratories or chemical manufacturing & packaging processes. CSP is resistant to chemical substances, proving to be the perfect solution for such applications. Also, it is extremely durable and can withstand harsh shipping & other environmental conditions.

Security Features
Certain brands use security features on their labels for brand authentication, which helps them prevent the sale of pirated products. CSP helps brands efficiently incorporate security features like micro printing, void pantograph, high-resolution border, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, invisible printing, QR code, prismatic printing, watermark, serial numbering, and others.

Compatible with Multiple Print Processes
Print compatibility is one of the major concerns in the labeling industry. CSP is compatible with multiple print processes, giving label producers the liberty to print their labels using their existing printing processes. One can use CSP with Conventional Offset, UV Offset, Water-based Flexo printing, Thermal Transfer, UV Flexo printing, UV Inkjet, Screen, Letterpress, HP Indigo & HP Latex printing and selective Laser Print technologies. Check out our blog on CSP printing recommendations for details.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a versatile solution that is compatible with multiple print technologies & flaunts amazing print quality. Its application is not limited to product tags & labels but also is used by the print industry for books, labels, magazine covers, menu cards, coasters, ID cards, envelopes & much more. Being a 100% tree-free solution that facilitates the recycling process, CSP is exactly what brands need today to drive sustainable growth. Connect with our experts today to explore the use of CSP for your application.

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