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Advantages and Benefits of Using Cosmo Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films

Advantages and Benefits of Using Cosmo Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films

Every product needs marketing to improve sales, & labels play a humongous part in it. Label films hold the responsibility to convey the company’s view of the product to the customers. From the name at the front to technical details (like ingredients) at the back, they are paramount in convincing customers to pick a product.

The type of adhesive activation categorizes label films into heat activated, water activated, pressure activated, etc. One of the best out of the pool is the pressure-sensitive variant.

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?
Each label is primarily made of the adhesive that attaches the label & the face stock, which is the label itself. A barrier & a backing protects the adhesive side whereas a topcoat does it on the label side of the film. The components can be switched & modified to achieve the ideal combination for any product.

Pressure-sensitive labels have adhesives that activate when pressure applies to the film. Unlike others, the absence of the need to heat or use a solvent makes it easy to apply using hands or machines. Uses include labelling containers, beverages, medicines & more.

Pressure Sensitive Label Facestock Films by Cosmo Films
Our Pressure Sensitive Label Facestock Films are BOPP-based films that are modified to give the best adhesion & durability. These increase the product’s shelf life by saving it from the physical wear and tear during transportation & storage. Not just that, its good optical properties ensure the product looks great on the shelf.

Heavily used in the beverage & pharmaceutical industries, our films are universally printable & compatible with UV, water-based & solvent ink-based systems. Let’s go over a few benefits, followed by the advantages of using our PSL Facestock films.


No Label Look
The transparent pressure-sensitive label facestock variant is co-extruded & clear. The transparency makes it excellent to attain a ‘no label’ look on the product. Apart from that, it has high stiffness for conversion & dispensing.

Print Performance
These films are universally printable, so they can print on all major printing processes including UV, flexography, gravure, offset and letterpress. While printing, they deliver superior machinability and print performance coupled with top-class ink adhesion & retention.

Process Efficiency
On top of print performance, its print surface makes running on a high-speed press a breeze. The performance of the print surface shows great promise, even in humid conditions.

Strength & Resistance
A label that scratches easily is useless on products. Our label films have good strength & the topcoat provides ample shielding to the label behind it from physical wear. Looking beyond that, PSL facestock films have great durability to make the products look amazing for a long time.

Taking care of the environment while moving forward is growing in importance for both companies and end-users. We understood the need and made our films sustainable by facilitating the recycling process.


These films react to pressure, which means you can manually apply it to the products or use a machine-fed approach. Unlike others, the label, once placed, can be repositioned with little effort. This leads to accurate placement every time giving you perfectly labelled products. The nature of the film also allows you to place it on almost all shapes & surfaces, hence providing an all-around solution.

The adhesives on labels are activated with heat, solvent, water, or even other adhesives. A core advantage PSL stock films have over them is the pressure-activated adhesive that eliminates the need for extra equipment. This paves the way for faster setups & lower investments.
We offer our Pressure Sensitive Label Facestock Films in three categories:

  • Transparent
  • White
  • Metalized

Each of these categories has variants to help you find the perfect one to suit your need. If you aren’t able to figure it out, contact us & get in touch with our experts who can guide you.

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