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Applications of Bubble Wrap Packaging Films

Applications of Bubble Wrap Packaging Films

Bubble Wrap or air bubble packing is a transparent plastic packaging material that is mainly used to pack fragile or easily breakable items. The bubbles have regularly spaced protruding air-filled hemispheres which function as the cushioning agent for sensitive and easily breakable objects. The bubble wrappers are available in various sizes.

Though you can pack anything with this packaging film, there are certain items that needs to be protected better and packed with care. Let’s have a look at the articles that are usually packaged in bubble wrap films.

Fragile Items

The precious chinaware, glasses, mirrors, artworks such as paintings, and figurines, and vases fall under the category of fragile items. These are delicate and are susceptible to damage. Therefore, bubble wraps are advised as the packaging film to provide the best protection.

Sensitive Products

Electronics and electrical items are delicate and can be compromised if they are not well protected. Even a gentle fall can result in irreversible damage. Again, these items have to be protected from static-induced electric charge. Wrapping these products in anti-static bubble wrap will ensure that the products are safe even if they happen to fall down and also it will protect the items from electro-static discharge.

Sentimental Items

Family heirlooms, delicate keepsake objects, precious books that you hold dear to your heart are some of the sentimental items that anyone would want to wrap with utmost care when relocating or putting it away in a storage. Bubble wrap packaging film is an efficient, safest and easiest packing option to consider.


These days with mushrooming of e-commerce stores, you can buy your furniture online. The online shops ensure that the product no matter small reaches the customers intact. To ensure that there is no damage to the products delivered, they wrap the items in bubble wrappers. For instance, the glass table tops, glass cabinet doors or any other glass furniture parts that are very fragile are usually wrapped in several layers of air bubble packaging films to provide the much-required cushioning against vibrations and shocks at the time of transit.

Types of Bubble Wrap

You need to choose the bubble wrap films according to your packaging needs.

  • Small size bubble wrap is usually used to pack delicate items such as electronics, glassware and so on.
  • Large size bubble wrap films are usually used as a padding for objects such as furniture and other office and household items.
  • Anti-static bubble wrap is used to wrap electronic items such as television, computers, laptops, cell phones and so on to protect the items against static electricity.
  • Bubble wrap envelops are used to package books, CDs and even photo frames. The envelope lined with bubble wrap films provides these items with maximum protection against shock and vibrations.

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