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Are Your Beverage Labels Festive Ready?

Are Your Beverage Labels Festive Ready?

Labeling beverages is extremely important today, especially because consumers are getting aware and want to know what goes into their beverage before making the purchase. According to LinkedIn research conducted by us, 83% of people say that they will not buy a product without a label. This is especially true for luxury drinks like wines wherein the wine-drinking audience wants to know the wine region, making process, alcohol percentage, viscosity & more. Even if buying non-alcoholic beverages like juices, consumers today want to know the amount of preservatives added & other details. The importance of labeling is unmatched, and you wouldn’t want to risk it with the festive season ahead when people are all dipped in revelry. It’s time to level up your beverage labeling by choosing the right label films for your product.

Labeling Challenges for the Beverage Industry
From following strict labeling guidelines by the FDA to making it aesthetically pleasing for end consumers or ensuring that it reaches its final destination without damages from moisture, labeling poses many challenges for users. Here are some of the most common beverage labeling challenges:

Labeling Process Efficiency: Many labeling substrates do not allow repositioning once applied. Also, they hamper the print or converting process with their lack of compatibility. One of the greatest challenges in beverage labeling is its print performance in humid conditions.

Print Quality: Labels need to be aesthetically appealing to facilitate higher sales. Bad labeling materials result in low-quality print & compromised print retention. Thus, the beverage ends up on the store shelf with blurred or smudged labels.

Conversion Cost: The time & labor required in the converting process depends on the chosen labeling films. The wrong choice can make the process complex, time-consuming, & expensive.

Sustainability: This has become a major concern for global organizations & end-users. People choose to buy products that are 100% sustainable, which include labels. Thus, brands need to stay conscious about choosing a labeling solution that is sustainable in tackling the global concern & increasing its popularity amongst buyers.

Durability: Most labels get damaged or lost in the rough logistics process. Also, labels with scratches or bad prints are better than having no labels at all. A majority of people do not prefer to buy products with bad labels.

How To Overcome Beverage Labeling Challenges?
All the challenges listed above for durability, print quality, efficiency, conversion cost, compatibility & more, can be tackled with one solution, i.e., choosing the right label films. At Cosmo Films, we are leading the specialty films industry with our extensive range of solutions that include innovative & superior Pressure Sensitive Label (PSL) Facestock films. Cosmo PSL films offer great benefits and are available in multiple variants to meet unique requirements. Let’s know more about this solution.

About Cosmo Pressure Sensitive Label (PSL) Facestock Films
Our PSL films are made using BOPP substrates, providing durability, excellent print quality, conversion efficiency, and are sustainable. Below are its features:

  • It has a coated print surface that allows excellent ink adhesion & high-speed press performance.
  • It offers excellent adhesive receptivity because of Corona treatment.
  • Its stiffness makes the conversion and dispensing operations easy.
  • It’s a versatile solution, compatible with multiple print technologies.
  • It delivers superior print performance & retention even in humid conditions.
  • It’s completely resistant to scuff, tear & durability, enhancing the label’s longevity.
  • It flaunts amazing print quality, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your product.
  • It’s a sustainable labeling solution that facilitates the recycling process.

Cosmo PSL films behold a world of opportunities for label designers who can now print their imagination without any limits. Below are its variants:

  • Transparent
  • White
  • Metalized

Further, our variants are classified on the basis of thickness, opacity, coating & more to meet your every need.

Cosmo PSL films are trusted by leading food & beverage brands across the globe to meet self-adhesive labeling needs. Our superior products are backed by reliable service to meet customized requests and create an unmatched experience for our clients. Click here to connect with us for more details.

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