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No End To Innovation – Mr. Ashok Jaipuria Investing Money In New Smart & Sustainable Consumer Solutions

No End To Innovation – Mr. Ashok Jaipuria Investing Money In New Smart & Sustainable Consumer Solutions

Cosmo Films has a reputation for innovating to create smart & sustainable solutions. Its Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Ashok Jaipuria, has played a pivotal role in building this image by continuously investing in R&D to create smart & sustainable packaging, labeling & lamination solutions for consumers. For him, there is no end to innovation and is thus diversifying Cosmo Films’ operations by venturing into new services & solutions.

He is a true visionary who established Cosmo Films with the mission “to deliver the finest product and service experience, backed by innovation, people and processes”. And to ensure that this mission serves the growing environmental concerns, he navigated the Cosmo R&D team to create innovative products that serve the customers and yet provide sustainability. Mr. Ashok Jaipuria has also invested money & efforts into new ventures by Cosmo Films to diversify operations and serve the society in a better manner. 

Scroll down to know more about him and some of his most innovative & ground-breaking initiatives through Cosmo.

AntiMicrobial Films

Answering the growing concerns raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cosmo Films engineered Anti Microbial Film that kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria from the packaging surface. It is certified by FITI Testing Laboratory, Korea, and suits a variety of applications like elevator buttons/furniture, books, shopping bags lamination, etc.


The need of the hour is sustainable packaging solutions that minimize the use of raw materials in the manufacturing process & promote recycling. Cosmo Films’ TeploR is a film engineered to replace the traditional PET-based heat resistant films with BOPP films, allowing a mono-material structure in multi-layer laminates. It also promotes high converting speed with its excellent printing surface & zero shrinkage/wrinkle properties.

Pet Care

With the purpose to make our furry companions happy & healthy, Mr. Jaipuria is planning to diversify Cosmo Films’ efforts by venturing into the pet care industry. Unlike the general pet care brands, he aims to create a unique pet-friendly ecosystem with veterinary, pet walking, grooming services and more.

Specialty Chemicals

“To enrich lives with chemistry responsibly”, Cosmo Films is venturing into the chemicals industry as well. It aims to create “eco-friendly, consumer-centric products” with “enhanced functionalities and aesthetics”. As a result, it’s soon launching Fabritizer, an organic, biodegradable & non-silver free after wash laundry sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria.

About Mr. Ashok Jaipuria

Mr. Ashok Jaipuria is a first-generation entrepreneur with over 40 years of corporate experience under his belt. He has contributed to some of the most prestigious global & national organizations. At present, apart from his role at Cosmo Films, he is on the Board of Governors (BoG) at IIT Indore and an Independent Director on the Hindustan Sanitaryware board. Previously, he has served as the Executive Committee member of FICCI and BoG member at IIT Patna and the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences.

His contribution to Cosmo Films is monumental in the organization’s growth. Starting from one plant in Aurangabad, it now has a global presence, supplying its products to over 80 countries. This is because of his continuous efforts to innovate, collaborate and create the best for clients & the environment through smart & sustainable products & services. 

Apart from business innovations, he also shares a keen interest in making a difference in society, which led him to establish Cosmo Foundation as the philanthropic arm of Cosmo Films. As a member of Cosmo Foundation’s Board of Trustees, he has made quality education & a healthy lifestyle a reality for various underprivileged sections.

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