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Basics of Direct Thermal Printable Labels

Basics of Direct Thermal Printable Labels

Digital printing has become a sizable market with vigorous growth in opportunities, uses & revenue over the years. It uses specific printers and a plethora of techniques to deliver quick yet accurate results for multiple applications. One of its types—Direct Thermal Printing, is known for simple, fast and bulk printing. A unique printing style accompanied by special direct thermal printable labels makes this possible.

What are Direct Thermal Printable Labels?
These are labels made from materials like paper, plastic or polyester that react to heat, have multiple layers and are used with printers with a thermal print head. It is ideally used in industries where quick, accurate prints are desired.

Cosmo DTP Label Films
Direct thermal printable label films by Cosmo Films is a BOPP-based film with excellent image quality & preservation. The BOPP substrate has a proprietary direct thermal coating that reacts to the heated printhead of a thermal printer to give dark images. A protective layer on the top provides resistance to oil, solvent, & water while also improving chances against mechanical abrasions.
Here’s a glance at a few of its features:

    • Can print with UV & water based flexo
    • Excellent rub resistance
    • Dark image quality
    • Low energy consumption during printing

How Does it Work?
Considering that it is used where on-demand printing is desired, its working is simple and efficient. Direct thermal printable labels have a heat-reactive layer that responds to the heat given by the printer to blacken out specific areas of the label to make the desired image.


These labels print extremely fast, making them ideal for the likes of retail outlets & the medical industry. Without the involvement of a print head to print, the labels coupled with thermal printers can easily print hundreds of labels in a short period.

These labels do not involve the transfer of ink to print. Instead, the surface itself is coated in a heat-reactive material that produces accurate images. This advantage is core to print barcodes where accuracy is needed.

Reduced Time
The printer technique used doesn’t need the print head to move back & forth in between printing each section. The time saved during all the prints accumulates (as these are used to print on a large scale), saving a huge amount of time.

Reduced Cost
The printing process for DTP films does not need toner, ink or ribbon, hence bringing down the effective cost to print. The printer used also has fewer parts, hence decreasing the cost to buy and maintain it.

Our durable and versatile DTP films find their use in a myriad of industries. Here are a few common applications:

    • Airline baggage tags
    • Ready-made food labels
    • Logistics labels
    • Industrial barcode
    • Pharmaceutical labels
    • Temporary wristbands

    Our DTP films aim to offer a durable alternative to other labels. Choose our films to get crisp images that don’t fade and resist damage from water & oil.

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