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Collecting Smiles with Innovation, CSR & Sustainable Practices

Collecting Smiles with Innovation, CSR & Sustainable Practices

At Cosmo Films, our values & corporate goals are way beyond company benefits and instead revolve around benefitting our stakeholders, that is YOU. We care not just about our clients & employees, but about everyone that makes a part of our society, and the environment as well. We are innovating to bring efficiency & sustainability in products and creating a healthy & educated society through our various CSR efforts. And with this, we are collecting more & more smiles each day with happy clients, end-users, employees & the environment. Let’s see how we are achieving this.

Product Innovation

We are engineering innovative products that meet the needs of our clients in a sustainable manner. We are setting milestones by venturing into new industries to provide value to both B2B & B2C markets. Here’s a glimpse of some of our recent projects:

Cosmo Antimicrobial Films: We launched Cosmo Antimicrobial Film in 2020 to serve the growing concern of hygiene due to the pandemic. Our Antimicrobial Film is certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs & viruses on the surface & prevent their further propagation. Also, they offer high durability & versatility in application, used for books, bags, carton boxes, lift buttons & more.

TeploR: Another successful launch by Cosmo in 2020 was TeploR, a BOPP-based heat resistant film that is here to replace the traditional BOPET films in an efficient & sustainable manner. It is highly durable, 100% resistant to heat & provides an excellent barrier against moisture, oil & gases.

Fabritizer: We recently ventured into the B2C & B2B Specialty Chemicals sector with the launch of Fabritizer, Kapdon ka Sanitizer. Fabritizer is the only cloth sanitizer that provides 99.9% protection against germs, bacteria & viruses, and stays effective for up to 7 days even after ironing.

Pet Care: We’re soon venturing into the pet care industry, with a range of products and services through online and offline ecosystems.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP): We have adapted CSP to suit unconventional applications like stitch-able rice-bag tags, Paytm merchant stickers, patient ID bands & more. It has helped companies boost their productivity with its high yielding capacity, durability & compatibility with multiple print technologies.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

We’re following sustainable manufacturing practices that help in reducing our environmental footprint & create a greener future ahead. Below are some of the key sustainable manufacturing practices we follow:

Waste Management: We recycle manufacturing waste for further film production and/or packaging of products like Ferrite Cores. This helps us reduce wastage & raw material consumption drastically.

Monitoring Manufacturing Practices: We organize regular checks to monitor manufacturing practices on various parameters like noise emission, air quality, ventilation, etc.

Rain Water Harvesting: We have installed rainwater harvesting systems across our various manufacturing units to reduce our consumption of natural resources. To further this objective, we reuse effluent-treated water in the process.

Solar Energy: We have installed solar power plants that allow us to make use of the abundantly available solar energy and limit our use of artificial energy.

CSR Activities

We aim to bring about a change in the lives of people through our philanthropic wing, Cosmo Foundation. Set up in 2008, the foundation spearheads our CSR efforts. Its mission is to strengthen mainstream education, create awareness on health & hygiene, and contribute to a green & clean environment. Following are some of the key programs by Cosmo Foundation in realizing its mission & vision:

Educational Programs: We aim to educate the rural sector by imparting computer literacy, reading & writing skills, life skills & basic English language literacy. We have also introduced Cosmo Digi Pathshala to enable learning from home in this time of the pandemic. Another extremely successful educational program is Cosmo Udayan Shalini Fellowship and Mentorship where we provide life skill training & mentorship to underprivileged girls to become socially, economically & emotionally independent.

Environmental Programs: We promote greenery & cleanliness in the environment through our Clean & Green Initiatives. These include plantation & awareness drives with locals, developing & maintaining local gardens, promoting proper waste disposal practices, etc.

Awareness Programs: We educate underprivileged people about the importance of health & hygiene, economy, environment, life skills & more. This includes creating awareness about Mother’s Nutrition & Health, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, and Safe Touch – Unsafe Touch.

Response to Natural Disasters: In the occurrence of unforeseen & unfortunate incidents, we actively work on the field to provide immediate relief to people. We organized various hygiene kits distribution, food distribution & vaccination drives to support the families hit by economic & social crises from COVID-19.

We are doing our bit to put a smile on the face of people we touch. And the result is multiple success stories, sustainable development & smiles of Cosmo Foundation students. Want to be a part of our smile drive & make your next project a success? Connect with our experts.

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