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Cosmo Films Making Sustainability A Reality With Eco-Friendly Solutions

Cosmo Films Making Sustainability A Reality With Eco-Friendly Solutions

Can efficiency & sustainability co-exist? At Cosmo Films, our R&D team is making that a reality by creating innovative solutions that are here to answer the major concerns circling around the BOPP-film manufacturing industry. Most environmentalists deem plastics to be the biggest challenge to sustainability, but is it really? Or is the incorrect application of plastic a challenge leading to a closed economy?

Plastics are in fact helping in reducing the carbon footprint by bringing down energy consumption during packaging manufacturing and product transportation. The problem arises with the lack of awareness in the industry that hampers recyclability & its circular economy. At Cosmo Films, we are making it further sustainable with an aim to create a circular economy. We look forward to achieving our aim by focusing our efforts on three areas:

  1. Promoting Recyclability & Reducing Raw Material Consumption
  2. Reducing Energy Consumption
  3. Reducing Deforestation

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about Cosmo Films’ efforts in achieving sustainability with eco-friendly solutions.


While most product packaging claims to be recyclable, their composition is very impractical and hampers the recycling process. This is because the conventional packaging uses a BOPET structure that comprises multiple layers, each for water resistance, aroma barrier & other properties. These layers need to be separated before recycling, which is an expensive & time-taking process. Thus, it eventually lands in the trash.

Cosmo BOPP & CPP Films – Eco-Friendly Solutions

Cosmo Films is changing the industry with its eco-friendly range of BOPP & CPP films. They are manufacturing innovative BOPP & CPP films with homogeneous mono-material structures to replace the heterogeneous, multi-layer BOPET films. Here’s how it helps in promoting sustainability & raw material consumption:

  • Our solutions reduce the packaging layers while not compromising on quality & features. This leads to less material consumption. For instance, our heat-resistant films use a two-layer structure to provide aroma, moisture & oil barrier while also showing excellent endurance to heat as opposed to the traditional BOPET films that need 3 layers to achieve the same results.
  • Mono-material packaging, as the name suggests, is made using a single material that facilitates recycling. It eliminates the requirement to separate layers of packaging material & makes the process easy.
  • Our films, though mono-material, are highly durable and provide excellent moisture, aroma, oil & gas barrier.
  • We also partner with our customers to allow structure rationalization for reducing raw material consumption.


The traditional rigid packaging consumes a lot of energy in the making. Rigid packaging like stainless steel containers requires a great amount of energy & water in the production process. Also, they require more storage space & consume a lot more fossil fuels in the transportation process.

Cosmo Barrier Films to Reduce Energy Consumption

Cosmo Films is overcoming these challenges with its efficient & eco-friendly flexible Barrier Films and sustainable manufacturing practices. Here’s how:

  • Cosmo BOPP & CPP-based Barrier Films require less energy consumption in the production process.
  • Flexible packaging takes much less space during the transportation of products. This means that the same amount of product can be transported in lesser vehicles, drastically reducing fossil fuel consumption & CO2 emission.
  • Cosmo uses renewable energy sources, having installed solar & rainwater harvesting systems across multiple locations.


Deforestation has become a global concern today. And one of the major reasons behind it is the use of wood pulp in making paper. The paper industry is a large contributor to deforestation, and its need is only growing every day. Paper is required in every aspect, books, receipts, menu cards, stationery, certificates, ID cards, tags, labels & so on.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper – A Tree-Free Solution

Cosmo Films has taken a step to replace wood-pulp paper with a synthetic-substrate-based paper for durable applications and bring down global deforestation. Here’s how:

  • Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) is made using a synthetic substrate, requiring no cut down of trees.
  • It is highly durable & a perfect replacement for paper in applications where longevity is required.
  • CSP is a non-tearable, moisture & oil-resistant solution that can not be damaged in harsh conditions.
  • It adapts to multiple print technologies and is compatible with hot foil stamping, punching, perforation & more converting requirements.

At Cosmo Films, we are making the move towards a sustainable future by creating products that offer value to its customers and also are eco-friendly. We also follow sustainable manufacturing practices like leveraging solar power plants, water harvesting systems & recycling manufacturing wastes for the further production of BOPP films. Are you ready to be a part of the change with us? If yes, connect with our experts & make your move towards sustainability.

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