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Cosmo Synthetic Paper in Writing its NEW Success Stories

Cosmo Synthetic Paper in Writing its NEW Success Stories

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP), an eco-friendly & revolutionary substitute for conventional wood pulp paper, has written its own success stories in the last year by allowing various brands to benefit from its efficiency. Thanks to our amazing R&D team for this innovation and to everyone who helped it reach new milestones, CSP is now used by top brands & Govt agencies for a variety of applications like labels, merchant stickers, ID cards, stitch-able rice bag tags, patient ID bands & more. Let’s take you through some of its recently accomplished milestones in this blog

UPI Merchant Stickers
Recently, we joined hands with leading printers for UPI merchant stickers. In doing so, we replaced the traditionally used PET-based paper for this application. CSP, a BOPP-based synthetic paper, turned out to be the perfect replacement for the former, as it was non-tearable, resistant to moisture & oil, and highly durable. CSP was also compatible with their digital printing technology and offered better yielding capability & a high conversion rate, increasing their productivity by many folds.

Stitch-able Rice Bag Tag Application
Rice bags are prone to rough conditions and so are their tags. Thus, durability and stitching compatibility are two important factors, as rice tags are stitched along the bags to avoid loss. CSP ticked both the checkboxes while also offering additional capabilities. CSP was compatible with their offset printing technology, enabling both-side printing, quick ink drying & high ink retention which most synthetic papers fail to provide. Cosmo Films’ team further provided them with the ease of customization for sheet size, which helped them reduce wastage & bring down production costs.

Patient ID Bands
CSP recently helped a labeling brand, too, reduce production cost and increase efficiency with CSP Patient ID bands for a healthcare organization. When it comes to healthcare organizations, the solution needs to be resistant to chemicals, tear & moisture to achieve durability. CSP, with these features, helped them increase the shelf life of Patient ID bands. Our solution also helped the labeling brand reduce production costs by 20% without compromising efficiency.

CSP is here to revolutionize the paper industry by not only replacing the conventional wood-pulp paper but also the PET-based synthetic papers. It is bringing efficiency & sustainability together with its amazing features, compatibility with multiple technologies and recyclability. Our product innovation has allowed us to carve many more success stories for books, labels/tags, cards, IDs printing. Click here to connect with our experts and make your print application a success.

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