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Festivities Wrapped In Health & Safety With Cosmo Films

Festivities Wrapped In Health & Safety With Cosmo Films

Indian festivities are all about togetherness. It is that time of the year when everyone’s heart is filled with joy & love for their near & dear ones as they meet to celebrate. However, this year, all the festivities have taken a backseat due to the spread of coronavirus worldwide. While everyone found themselves stuck between celebrations and social distancing, Cosmo Films worked day & night to come up with the perfect solution. Our range of films are specially engineered to fight bacteria and viruses as well as provide the packaged products with a long shelf life. Scroll down to know more about it.


To tackle the rising health concern, we introduced Cosmo Antimicrobial Film. It is a groundbreaking innovation engineered by Cosmo experts to ensure safety in every aspect. Let’s have a look at its amazing features.

  • It exterminates infectious germs & suppresses their further growth. Our examination has proved that these films can kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • It uses Zinc oxide that is a safe antimicrobial agent approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has listed the substance as a nutrient.
  • Our film is certified Antimicrobial by FITI Testing Laboratory for protection against lebsiella pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus, colon bacillus, and salmonella. It has also received the antimicrobial film patent as a BOPP film formed by a surface layer with antimicrobial substance.
  • The film’s high-tensile strength makes it very durable when compared with coating and metalized antibacterial films. As tested by experts, its antibacterial properties have proven to stay on for long.
  • The film also boasts an excellent gloss that cannot be found in other antimicrobial films. Altogether, it lends your product an attractive look and shelf appeal.
  • It has multiple applications that include lift/elevator/automatic door buttons, decorated sheets, power switches, industrial facilities, menu boards, shopping bags, boxes, and book covers.


Cosmo’s Barrier Films are manufactured with an aim to provide a barrier against moisture, gas & chemicals and reduce the consumption of packaging material. Below are its features-

  • It acts as an excellent barrier against moisture, gases, and chemicals with its high seal strength.
  • It prevents spoilage of packaged products and enhances the shelf life.
  • It keeps the aromas of sweets & savories intact for a long time, keeping the freshness of the packaged products alive.
  • It’s highly durable & can withstand tough conditions through the transportation process.
  • It is light in weight and is easy-to-handle as it occupies less storage space.
  • It’s a cost-efficient packaging solution that offers a low product to packaging ratio.
  • Our Barrier Films are environment friendly too as they are completely recyclable.
  • The film has excellent printing capabilities and can take unique designs which would help your product stand out on the shelf.

So this Diwali, while you’re away from your family, friends & relatives for safety, you can still bring them close by sending some love wrapped in safe, virus-free & healthy Cosmo packaging. Also, Cosmo Foundation (the philanthropic wing of Cosmo Films) has been making every effort to make this Diwali pleasant for people struck by the COVID-induced crisis. We have helped millions of people with food and hygiene kits distribution. We aim to bring smiles to as many faces as we can.

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