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Heat Resistant BOPP Films

Heat Resistant BOPP Films

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Cosmo Films. Our innovation is driven by the desire to cater to the current requirements and stay ahead of the times. In today’s times, ease of recycling of packaging laminates has become highly critical, and our heat resistant (HR) films facilitate mono-material structures and in turn recycling. Apart from recyclability, barrier heat resistant films also help with laminate structure rationalization without compromising on aesthetics, printability, machinability and user friendliness.

Let’s take a quick look at what makes our latest product so special and why we are so proud of it.

  1. Recyclability – Recyclability and sustainability are the future of packaging industry and if as a brand, enough stress is not laid on these two factors, then it might impact consumer outlook. Cosmo has specifically designed this film to replace BOPET film as printing layer in multi-layer laminates. With heat resistant films, we can now have BOPP/CPP structures or BOPP/PE structures which are part of the same family and therefore more conducive to recycle than PET/PE structure.
  1. Barrier features – For packaged food, the barrier features of a film are paramount. The BOPP based heat resistant films are also available in a barrier variant. The end pack made with barrier heat resistant film can be used for all food and personal care applications where moisture & oxygen barrier is of utmost importance.
  1. Grease resistance – The grease resistance offered by the films makes this category an ideal choice for oily snack food. It offers a clean grease barrier for greasy or oily food products.
  1. Versatility – The new heat resistant films are clear, non-heat sealable and both sides treated films with excellent printability and go mostly for reverse printing. The thermally stable films have excellent hot slip properties and good machinability, and therefore work well on high speed FFS packaging machines.
  1. Structure rationalization – The heat resistant films can be used for both two and three ply laminates. Since the barrier version of the film enables both printing as well as barrier, it enables construction of even 2 ply laminates. BOPP/CPP structures are common with the use of this film.

Let’s take a look at other key values.

  1. Our new films are generally used as a printing layer in a duplex/triplex laminate structures either as BOPP/MET BOPP/PE or BOPP/CPP.
Properties18 PCT-2 HB HR12 Mic PET
OTR @ 0% RH< 80 cc/m2-day>100 cc/m2-day
WVTR @ 90 % RH<10 gm /m2-day>45 gm /m2-day

2. The heat resistant BOPP films are available in 15, 18, and 20 microns.

3. The films are well suited for both adhesive as well as extrusion lamination.

Cosmo Films is a global leader in speciality films used for packaging, laminating and labeling applications. Our films offerings include bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films and cast polypropylene (CPP) films. Our new heat resistant BOPP films are not only a far better option in terms of sustainability but its barrier version also offers an enhanced shelf life to the packaged product. Contact us to know more about our heat resistant BOPP films.

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