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How to choose the best packaging films for you

How to choose the best packaging films for you

The packaging industry is large and expanding rapidly. Packaging films are popular for packing items across various industries. There are many types of packaging films existing in the market. It is important to choose the right packaging film as per the requirements of your product.

Make sure it meets the green requirements in force
There are many regulations that packaging films must comply with. One is that it must be environmentally friendly and not leave a large carbon footprint. If the packaging films do not comply with existing environmental standards there may be a significant penalty imposed or the films may be banned from use in the market altogether.

Know your product in and out
You need to know everything about your product as an expert would. This would help pinpoint the suitable packaging films for your product. For instance, physical and chemical characteristics. Don’t use a packaging film that reacts chemically with the product. If the product is breakable a sturdy packaging film should be used.

The packaging film used may be the best in the industry. But you have to ask yourself whether you can afford it. Do you still make profits on the item? Are there cheaper and equally effective alternatives available.

Suitable for transport and storage
The packaging film may be attractive and not react with the product. But it should not get damaged through the process of transportation. It should be robust enough to survive falls or handled roughly in the conventional storage conditions.

The looks of the packaging matter a lot. The packaging film has to be attractive to catch the customers attention. Also, most of us would like to see the product. So, the packaging film has to be transparent enough so that prospective customers get a good look at the content of the package. This way they can be sure about the quality and present state of the product.

Important details like manufacturing date, expiry date, name of the manufacturer, quality standards followed, ingredient list have to be printed on the packaging film. Ensure you use a packaging film that offers high ease of printability. Additionally, the fine print should not deteriorate with time or react with the elements of nature such as sunlight, moisture and others.

Do not copy competitors
Don’t make the mistake of choosing a packaging film simply because it is popular. Factor in your item’s unique requirements while shortlisting a packaging film.

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