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Importance of Adhesive Tape Products

Importance of Adhesive Tape Products

As the name suggests, adhesive tapes bind two objects or ends of the same object together. With the evolution of e-commerce, the need for superior quality adhesive tapes has risen as they ensure that the packaging is secure and the product is safe. There are different types of adhesive tapes available in the market these days. They are made for specific purposes. It’s just not the papers and clothes that can be held together by the adhesive tapes. Even the metals, glasses and plastics can be secured using adhesive tapes. However, the adhesive material used for each purpose would vary as per the surface on which it’s used.

Types of sealing tapes

Most of the industrial grade sealing tapes that are available today are pressure sensitive and offer excellent anchorage.

  • Acrylic Sealing tapes – These are available in two formats. Ones made without any solvents and ones that have solvent adhesive. The ones that have solvent adhesive can withstand high temperatures.
  • PVC sealing tape – The principal component of this sealing tape is the Poly Vinyl Chloride, a polymer that is obtained from petroleum. This is used to seal heavy boxes as they can support a lot of weight. Also, when you remove the adhesive from the material it does not leave a mark.

Textile Grade Tapes

These are transparent films having one side that is treated and another untreated side. These offer excellent anchorage to various pressure and are also sensitive. There are used as a textile overwrap.

Choosing your Adhesive Tape

Today, adhesive tapes are used across industries. And there is a myriad of adhesive tapes available in the market. Therefore, it’s mandatory to choose a superior quality sealing tape as per your business/industrial need. When you choose them, you need to know about their properties too.

    • Peel Strength – Here we are talking about the adhesion force that is required when you try to remove the sealing tape that is used to secure and bind the two surfaces.
    • Tensile Strength – This strength is also important. Its actually the physical property of the tape and its actual force that is required to break a portion of an adhesive tape.
    • Dielectric Strength – A superior quality adhesive sealing tape will be able to withstand high temperature and ensure that the current does not pass through the packaged product.

Thanks to the advancement in the technology, you will find adhesives that are stronger as well as ones that will stick immediately. Choose your adhesive tape products wisely as per your requirements.

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