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In Mould Label Films: Benefits and Applications

In Mould Label Films: Benefits and Applications

In-Mould Labels (IML) are pre-printed Polypropylene labels, which takes the shape of the container post being directly injected into a mould. This process results in uniting the label and the mould together. There are three processes for moulding In-Mould Labels, and the most widely used process is discussed below

Inject Moulding IML- As the name suggests, it is a process where heated molten plastic is injected into the mould, which after cooling down takes the shape of the mould or container. In layman terms, it can be said that the decoration of the product takes place in the mould itself. The plastic polymers automatically fuse with the mould, making itself a part of the product container.

In-Mould Labelling is a miraculous technology that enables design flexibility and productivity advantages over traditional post-moulding labelling. The use of multiple colours, effects, and textures in a single operation makes it a highly versatile labelling option. Let us see some of the benefits provided by In Mould Labels.

  • Time and Cost Saviour– IML technique reduces one step as the printed label is directly moulded with the container. This saves a lot of time as a manufacturer. Another added merit is that this process wastes less amount of raw material, thus saving the cost of using excessive material. The labor and transportation cost is also saved due to the functional reduction of one step; as the label is attached to the container during the moulding process itself.
  • Environment-Friendly– The packaging and the label are composed of the same material, which means they have the same properties, characteristics and features, therefore, they are easy to recycle. The production process also uses fewer amounts of resources and raw material, hence promoting a healthy environment.
  • Strong and Hygienic– In Mould Labels can stand the test of time as well as weather. Its durability is commendable due to its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Be it moisture or extreme heat, the label, its print, and colors remain as good as new. This means you can undoubtedly use them for refrigeration purposes. They are also scratch-resistant, non-crackable, and are wrinkle-free.
  • Excellent Machinability– IML films have excellent antistatic properties, which help reduce the static charge between the film and the machine, thus increasing the life of machinery and making the films more compatible with different kinds of machines.

In Mould Labels haves gained immense popularity through the past couple of decades, and today we can see numerous industries actively showing interest in this technology, including food, beverage, cosmetics, healthcare, pharmaceutical and even automotive industries. It can be used for a myriad of applications, some of which are as follows-

  • Butter, margarine and other spread containers
  • Ice cream tubs
  • Yogurt tubs
  • Candy tubs
  • Nutraceuticals and supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Household & garden products
  • Paint Buckets
  • Tobacco

There are a dozen ways in which IML Films can prove to do wonders to your packaging; which is why the market for In-Mould Labels is expected to grow exponentially.

Cosmo Films is one of the most successful manufacturers of Films for In-Mould Labels. Its IML films have a low static charge which offers better dust resistance, better stacking for robotic arm pick up and good machinability. The low-density product offers good orange peel effect. The standard films’ structure is designed in such a way that it offers sparkling gloss to the printable surface and a better bond with the container through its matte surface. The film also offers high opacity & whiteness index. Cosmo Films have also launched a transparent version of its In-Mould Label Films, which are specially designed to offer in-mould label customers requiring ‘no label look’ and high transparency for their labels.

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