In Mould Label Films Uses and Applications

In mould labelling is incorporating the usage of paper and plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers by using any of the following methods- blow moulding, injection or thermoforming processes.

The technology was first brought to usage by P & G and was applied in the world famous brand Head and Shoulders shampoo bottles. Polypropylene or polystyrene is normally used as label material in this process.

In mould labelling is used for long life of consumer goods. The advantages of in mould labels are they are moister resistance and temperature resistance, durable and hygienic. This makes these films excellent solution for plastic packing for frozen or refrigerated products. They are also scratch resistant, shrink proof and tear resistant.
In Mould Label Films has various applications:

• For drink crates and vegetables boxes used in preserving consumer durables
• Used in drink closure seals
• To decorate injection moulded parts for consumer electronics and for plastic bottles
• This technique provides greater decorating options as compared to other methods.

This technology is the new buzzword in the town. It is widely accepted because of its unique attributes like good image quality, flexibility and cost efficiency. This technology offers vital benefit to the brand owners viz. It delivers manufacturing economies and efficiencies without sacrificing the aesthetics of the product packaging.

It also renders photographic quality graphics that are par excellence it performs fantastically well on thin labelled plastics packaging and this is the reason why it is able to rope in considerable interest from global manufacturers of spreads, ice cream and similar other high volume consumer products.

The greatest advantage of in mould labelling technique is that it renders manufacturing economies and efficiencies without sacrificing the basic ideology of the product packaging.

Printing the labels for this technology has certain standard procedures. Cosmo films Ltd. has carved a niche in the market because of high quality in mould label films that are of high quality and superior standards. This technique involves team effort which involves lot of communication, collaboration and stringent maintenance of standards and specifications along with the supply chain. This process involves full integration of all the activities of the bran owner, moulder, the label supplier, raw material and other related suppliers such as mould and robotics makers.

In today’s ever mushrooming global consumer economy, the opportunities for in mould labelling are good. With the advent of internet and other global communication media and growth in cross border trading has aided Cosmo films Ltd., the ace brand owners in the industry to promote sales of their international brands. We have made our presence globally through exports and through the establishment of regional manufacturing and packaging operations to materialize the increasing exports.

In mould label films are here to stay and have bright future.