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L&L Magazine Cover Printed On Cosmo Synthetic Paper

L&L Magazine Cover Printed On Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Films recently came together with Labels & Labeling Magazine to bring their cover to life with Cosmo Synthetic Paper. The magazine featured a unique design which was the biggest challenge for the brand in using any synthetic paper. Cosmo Synthetic Paper helped them in overcoming the design complications with its seamless converting & print compatibility. It eliminated all the limitations and allowed the designers to print even the most complex design. Let’s see how.

L&L Magazine Cover Design

The magazine cover featured an ornate & elegant motif that required great print quality & foil stamping. Adam Evans, L&L head designer, got the inspiration for the design from a striking whisky label. Evans brilliantly adapted it for the magazine to put a light on an article on beverage labeling in the issue. His design could only do justice in print with hot foil stamping, and this is where the challenge kicked in.

The Challenge

Foil stamping requires the use of heat to apply foil onto the desired substance, here synthetic paper. This posed a problem as high temperatures can melt the synthetic substrates. James Wenman, L&L production and design manager, says: “But mindful that we were printing on a synthetic, I simply wasn’t sure if it could be done. Some designs cry out for special finishes to bring them alive, but high temperatures and synthetics aren’t natural bed fellows.”

Another challenge was to hot foil stamp on a printed surface. The L&L team wasn’t sure if a printed surface would support foil stamping at all.

How Cosmo Synthetic Paper Helped?

Blackmore, L&L’s printer based in the UK, chose Cosmo Synthetic Paper to overcome the challenge. They collaborated with Duraseal, a local foil block company, to run trials on printed Cosmo Synthetic Paper. The foil perfectly adhered to the printed synthetic paper. The foil for the magazine cover was provided by Folico.

The L&L design was a complete deviation from the norm that explored hot foil stamping on a synthetic substrate for the first time ever. Cosmo Synthetic Paper did complete justice to the design with its amazing print quality & suitability for hot foil stamping. Thousands of copies of the L&L magazine have been printed & distributed, making the association a great success. This unique application has opened the doors of creativity for thousands of other designers who otherwise limit their imagination within the capabilities of the conventional paper.

Other Applications of Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Synthetic Paper has proven to be a versatile product widely used for multiple applications like:

  • Books
  • Product labels & tags
  • Menu cards, table mats & coasters
  • ID cards
  • Certificates & mark sheets & more.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is the perfect replacement for wood-pulp paper in durable applications. Are you still not sure if CSP would suit your application? Contact our experts who are here to help you through. You can also request free samples to test its usability for your project.

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