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Market Trends For Pressure Sensitive Labels

Market Trends For Pressure Sensitive Labels

In the last decade, the packaging industry has seen many trends come and go, but the one thing unanimously agreed upon is the bright future of Pressure Sensitive (PS) Labels. PS labels are continuous flexible strips of plastic, paper, film or any other material coated with an adhesive. They sticks to different types of surfaces at room temperature with a light application of pressure without the use of heat, water or a solvent. These Labels are becoming increasingly popular owing to their versatility. From the ease-of-use to the cost-effectiveness, these labels are used in nearly 80% of the products in the market today.

Several analysis and studies conducted by various research bodies across the globe suggest a stellar growth for the PS Labels market. According to one report, the global PS Labels market was valued at US$86.8 bn in 2017. The global PS Labels market is likely to show a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period of 2017-2022, and is likely to emerge with a valuation of US$112 bn by 2022.

In this article, we explain some of the most important trends of pressure sensitive labels, and why these are here to stay.

  1. Sustainability​ – With the growing consciousness regarding sustainability in the minds of the consumer, more and more brands are turning to sustainable solutions for packaging their products. In many cases, the facestock of PS Labels are made from recycled material. Technological advancements have allowed companies to create special adhesives, which do not interfere with the process of recycling.
  2. Durability​ – Not only do PS Labels have a very durable finish, but they are also manufactured to last. There has been an increase in PS Labels that can withstand rough handling and extreme conditions such as on chemical drums.
  3. RFID​ – RFID is a game changer for PS Labels. RFID, which stands for Radio- Frequency Identification, uses radio waves to collect and send information. It is an inlay that can be embedded in objects, labels or packaging and allows tracking, storing and transmitting data. RFID inlays can be embedded with PS Labels to offer “intelligent labeling” solutions. These labels are widely used for tracking, authentication and anti-counterfeit of goods.
  4. Growth in Anti-Counterfeit Labels​ – ​Anti-counterfeit labeling is the process of secure labeling that prevents imitation and confirms safety of the goods. Anti-counterfeit measurements are taken by companies, which helps them minimize losses due to counterfeiting in-term of revenue and loyalty. PS Labels are mostly used in food and pharmaceutical product labelings to reduce counterfeiting by using barcodes for tracking or RFID technology.
  5. High Self Appeal – ​P.S Labels also need to offer great aesthetics as products vie for neck to neck attention on the retail shelves. ​Different PS label materials available to label printers include rich textured specialty papers; vibrant metallised foils; films in ​clear, metalized, matte varieties ​to striking holographic; textile and even wood veneer products.​ ​Converting embellishments could range from die cut shapes to die cut text and logos to debossed or embossed images to rough graining areas or spot varnishing to metallic or holographic foil stamping.
  6. Growth of Removable and Repositionable Films as Facestock​ – These films facilitate easy removal and repositioning specially in case of beverage labeling where the machine speeds are quite high. They also find usage in pharmaceutical labeling considering the small surface area and precision application.

At Cosmo Films, we manufacture different kinds of PS label films. These films are universal printable films and are compatible with all ink-based systems. The films available in white, clear, metalized and matte varieties offer great printing performance as well as excellent adhesion with hot/cold foils. These films also offer good stiffness for conversion & dispensing operations. They find applications in most of the personal care product labeling, food & beverages & pharmaceutical product labeling as well as liquor labeling.

What’s next?

Responsible innovation will be the driving force for Pressure Sensitive Films. The demand for high-tech and yet responsible solutions will see technology and sustainability come together to offer more advancements in PS Labels. Rapid growth in e-commerce and international trade, demand for transportation and logistics services are some of the most important factors that stimulate this growth. The future of Pressure Sensitive labels is very bright and positive.

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