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Premium Lamination Films for Luxury Packaging

Premium Lamination Films for Luxury Packaging

Businesses looking to establish their brands as luxury and niche brands in the market understand the value and the necessity to invest into premium packaging. Consumers usually associate luxury with great aesthetics – if something is expensive, it has to look good. This kind of thinking might be happening on a subconscious level but everyone tends to expect more from high-end brands, whether in terms of their product quality or even how they are packaged. And, to meet and exceed these expectations, packaging of luxury brands have to always be a notch higher than the general perception.

There are a number of ways through which high-end brands opt to enhance their visual appeal – adding finishes like wood, gold, or adding decorative elements like ribbons, to name a few. Packaging material is another important aspect of luxury packaging which can help in creating a sense of value in the minds of customers thereby building a premium brand identity. Amidst all these numerous different ways, premium lamination films are gaining a lot of popularity amongst brands owing to its luxurious look and feel.

We have all witnessed the packaging industry evolving by leaps and bounds in a short span of time. This has given birth to new styles and presentation techniques, making way for the advent of impressive looking premium lamination films. Let’s read in more detail about the premium lamination films manufactured by Cosmo Films that have carved a niche for themselves in the market today.

1. Velvet Lamination Films

  • Among a variety of packaging techniques that are available in the market today, velvet lamination films stand at the helm of the innovative, high-end variety. But, what is it that makes them novel and appealing? They impart a velvety-soft finish to the surface they get manifested on, elevating the look and feel of the printed piece.
  • They also add a protective layer which helps enhance the shelf life of the printed surface, imparting it a rich and striking look that lasts for long.
  • Velvet lamination films are both aesthetic and functional. When you opt for these films to be used on your package, you are choosing to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. These films are also compatible with special print effects like embossing, gold and silver foiling to enhance the look even more. In addition, they might just be the best option for you with their ability to soften colors, reduce contrasts, and give an overall lighter appearance to the printed surface.
  • Available in transparent matte, black and silver variants, this range of films is ideal for high end applications like liquor packs, perfume boxes, watches and jewelry packs/boxes; it can also be used for laminating coffee table books, high end magazines, brochures, manuals etc.

2. Scuff Free Lamination Films

  • Scuff Free Lamination Films are like none other. Built on a highly stable BOPP film base, these films provide excellent resistance to scuff marks which could develop during production, transportation and handling of the pack.
  • The films also exhibit durability, making them perfect for a wide range of consumer products that need an ultra-smooth and protective surface.
  • The scuff free lamination films are highly versatile and work well with spot UV coating, embossing and hot foil stamping.
  • Apart from the luxury packaging applications like premium liquor packs, perfume boxes, watches and jewelry packs, these films are best suited for laminating packing boxes of electronic goods like mobile phones, tablets, power banks etc.

3. Digital Lamination Films

  • Majority of the regular thermal lamination films available in the market are not suitable for digital printing. The reason is that these films do not bond properly to the toner or paper of a toner-based digital printer, thereby trapping air bubbles. Due to this, the films start to peel off with use.
  • Digital Lamination Films by Cosmo Films, especially made for digitally printed surfaces, provide excellent bonding to digital printed surfaces along with providing excellent optics and protection. These films are quite useful when it comes to adding post lamination embellishments like spot varnish, embossing and foil stamping.
  • Typical printing applications include digital postcards, photo books, book covers, textbooks, magazines, brochures, manuals, wedding cards, posters and more!

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