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Sustainable Food Packaging- An Attempt to Preserve our Environment

Sustainable Food Packaging- An Attempt to Preserve our Environment

From the chips we love to the juice we serve, all items come in eye-catching packaging. The food packaging market is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing at a steady pace.

Amidst this, one must be wary about the effect it has on our environment. Substandard food packaging directly & indirectly contributes to many side effects. We must deal with these issues as a community in an attempt to preserve our environment.

Increase in Food Packaging

During ancient times, food was gathered/caught and consumed immediately. The ones stored for later consumption were those that had the natural ability to survive. The food consumption lifestyle changed drastically as the years rolled by. Countries began to discover & ship food items that were specific to a region. Soon markets and supermarkets came into the picture.

With the new global demand came the need for food packaging, and to keep up with the pressure, most turned to options that promised to be fast and economical.

Traditional Food Packaging

Businesses around the globe tried many packaging options like paper and glass but eventually settled on the versatile plastic packaging.

Its extensive use saw millions of tonnes of packaging in circulation but unfortunately, the negative effects carried were swept under the carpet. These packaging, albeit cheap, had little to no recyclability. Tonnes of unusable packaging in the landfills became a major concern as apart from the physical accumulation, it leaked harmful substances into the land & water near it, contaminating and entering the food web.

Sustainable Food Packaging

A much-needed solution to these problems came in the form of Sustainable Food Packaging. Made from substrates with recyclability value, these food packaging options kept in mind the ill effects of traditional packaging alternatives.

It offered a brand new way of packaging food while tackling environmental issues. These focused on improving the shelf-life of products, allowing them to stay longer on shelves of stores to be picked up. Post its use, consumers can give them back to recycling stations, putting this packaging through processes that make it useful again.

Cosmo Films- a Pioneer in Sustainable Food Packaging

Cosmo Films is one of the brands that anticipated this shift to sustainability and put in years of research & development to make their range of sustainable packaging films. We offer

Printing & Pouching Films

These co-extruded films offer superior printing performance and can be used either as a monoweb or as a laminate on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machines. It comes in a wide variety of variants including matte & metalised.

Our Printing & Pouching Films can be used to pack bakery products and snacks.

Barrier Films

These BOPP-based films are durable with key features like a broad sealing range, low seal threshold, good aroma barrier and excellent oxygen barrier. Barrier films tackle two of the complex problems that we talked about earlier:

• Reduces food wastage by increasing the shelf life of packed food products

• Reduces packaging consumption through laminate rationalisation and opens the way to recycle packaging after use

With the amount of non-recyclable waste filling up landfills across the globe, it is our job to look for solutions that not only fulfil the needs of FMCG brands and consumers but also our environment.

Contact us to know more about our eco-friendly flexible packaging films.

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