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What is Metalized Film and its Different Types

What is Metalized Film and its Different Types

An ever-increasing number of products, changing lifestyles & safer food packaging are a few factors that have seen the packaging & labelling industry grow over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic added fuel to the fire, making customers realise the importance of packaging that keeps foreign contaminants at bay. The result is there to see, with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of this industry in India expected to rise approximately 26.7% in the next 5 years!

Companies are actively looking for a packaging & labelling material that ticks the most boxes. The answer? Metalized packaging & labelling films.

What are Metalized Films?
Metalized films are films made by coating a polymer film with a thin layer of metal (generally aluminium). The film retains some of its original properties, like toughness & low density, but attains additional features like reduced permeability to external factors.
This metallic coating could often be the difference to make a product one step ahead of the rest. The metalized packaging films give way to attractive images & are a fun way to display the product’s unique selling points. This makes it pop out from the rest of the monotonous packets on the aisle. Apart from that, it acts as an additional barrier, preventing the contents inside from interacting with the environment.
The experts at Cosmo films noted these benefits & developed metallic films that incorporate all the above advantages and a few more!

Metalized Printing & Pouching Films
Used majorly to pack snack items and bakery goods, our co-extruded films support high-quality printing & converting. The ability to be used as a monoweb or laminate on horizontal form fill seals (HFFS) and vertical form fill seals (VFFS) packing machines make it a versatile option.
One of its sides is metalized while the other differs in property according to variant. All 5 variants have a multi-layer laminate setup which provides an excellent moisture & oxygen barrier. Properties like a bright white background and oxo-biodegradability come with types like Metalized Cavitated White Opaque Film and Metalized Oxo-Biodegradable Heat Sealable Film, respectively.

Metalized Barrier Films
The experts at Cosmo Films made the Metalized Barrier Films to counter two of the packaging industry’s most crucial problems—food wastage & material consumption.
These films have a high moisture barrier to keep the packed food consumable for a long time, hence improving the shelf life. It tackles the problem of material consumption through laminate rationalization.
Metalized Barrier Films are solvent-free coated films which make them ideal to be used as an inner seal web in duplex/triplex laminate structures. Its good machinability aids to offer the best results in sandwich lamination.

Metalized Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Film
Coming to the realm of labels, these films are extensively used to fulfil the global need for self-adhesive labels. One of the best properties of Metalized PSL Films is their universal printability, which means they can deliver high-quality printing across a wide range of printing processes like flexography, UV, letterpress and offset. Apart from this, they are compatible with UV, water-based and solvent alike.
This range is known for its sparkling metallic appearance, high stiffness, and good optics. With a good active moisture resistance, these are ideal for beverages, health, beauty & pharmaceutical products.

Metalized Wrap Around Label Films
Metalized Wrap Around Label Films are suitable for people who use cut-stock and reel-fed applications. These BOPP-based films are metalized on one side & heat sealable on the other with a super white opaque look on the latter side.
In addition to high optical density, stiffness, & good adhesion, it also has good mould resistance. These are used by reputed beverage brands worldwide.

All our variants are made by keeping quality at the core. Don’t know which one’s the best for your needs?
Contact us to get in touch with our experts and get the perfect metalized film variant for your business.

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