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Types of Premium Lamination Films

Types of Premium Lamination Films

Talking about lamination films, the first thing that comes to our mind is the increased shelf life of packaging. However, in the modern world, its significance is much more than that. We live in a world where product marketing is not just confined to its key features but altogether aimed at creating a great customer experience. This experience begins the moment one sees your product on a shelf and then chooses to pick it to witness its texture & quality. Thus, the first contact is not with your product but its packaging. Would you prefer your product to be lost in the crowd or rather stand out? Give your product packaging an edge of luxury & style with Premium Lamination Films.

What are Premium Lamination Films?
Premium Lamination Films are a range of BOPP, Nylon and PET-based lamination solutions. As the name suggests, these are specially manufactured to cater to luxury products where everything, from aesthetics to the finish and feel, plays a vital role in aiding the sale. These are widely used in lamination of products like wine cartons, perfume boxes, magazines, book covers, brochures, gift/cosmetic boxes. Depending on its use, there are 4 types of Premium Lamination Films. Scroll down to know more about these.

Velvet Lamination Films

Velvet Lamination Film is the most luxurious, efficient & desirable solution for high-end products. Some of its key features are:

  • High durability & scuff resistance
  • Fibre tear bond strength
  • Velvety, feather-like touch
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Compatibility with UV spot coating and hot foil stamping
  • Lay-flat property that prevents curling

It’s available in BOPP-based matte, black and silver, and Nylon-based matte variants.
Its applications include liquor cartons, perfume/watch/jewelry boxes, high-end magazines, coffee-table books, brochures etc.

Scuff Free Lamination Films

Just like its name, Scuff Free Lamination showcases high resistance to scuff marks or scratches which are otherwise inevitable in the product’s journey through the process of production, transportation & final handling. Some of its key features are:

  • Excellent scuff/scratch resistance
  • Classy matte finish
  • Compatible with UV coating, hot foil stamping and embossing

It acts like an ultra-smooth protective surface to your product. Scuff Free Lamination films are available in BOPP- & Nylon-based matte variants.

While its application is similar to Velvet Lamination Films, it’s also widely used for laminating packages of electric goods like tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Digital Lamination Films

Engineered for the lamination of digitally printed surfaces, Digital Lamination Films showcases excellent adhesion. While many businesses choose to go for regular thermal lamination films, those do not provide a good paper bond and might trap air bubbles. The film eventually starts to come off. However, Digital Lamination Films stay on for long, enhancing the shelf life of the digitally printed surface. Some its properties are:

  • Excellent optics
  • Resistance to elongation & tear
  • Excellent bonding with the digitally printed surface
  • Compatible with post-lamination embellishments like embossing, spot varnish and hot foil stamping.

The best product deserves the best lamination that complements its features and adds a touch of luxury. Digital Lamination Film does exactly the same.

Some of its applications include book covers, photo books, postcards, magazines, posters, wedding cards and brochures.

Linen Films

Linen Films are engineered to enhance durability & aesthetic appeal of the printed material. These are pre-embossed and add a linen-like finish to a product. It typically has a linen matte surface on one side and extrusion coating on the other. Its key features are:

  • Pre-embossed, linen-like finish
  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent scuff resistance
  • Resistance to elongation and tear
  • Great aesthetics

Linen Films check all the requirement boxes one has for laminating printed material.

Applications of Linen Films include both printed & unprinted surfaces and paperboards like soft book covers, brochures, magazines, diaries etc.

Silver Films

Silver Films are PET-based lamination films that lend your product a silver metal-like finish. These add a touch of luxury & class to your product and are designed by experts to enhance durability & aesthetic appeal. Its key features are:

  • Excellent metal brilliance
  • Top printable surface with excellent ink bonding
  • Compatible with UV offset printing
  • Suitable for embossing & spot coating

A product in itself is like a bunch of flowers without a vase and the elegance of silver can string it to perfection. Silver Lamination films are widely used for luxury product packaging like wine, cosmetic & liquor cartons and gift boxes.

Gloss Films

Gloss Films are again PET-based lamination films that not only provide a glossy & appealing finish to your packaging but also enhance its durability with excellent resistance to scuff. It’s ideal for single-side lamination. Its key features are:

  • High gloss & good stiffness
  • Excellent bonding with inks & coatings
  • Accepts foil stamping

Known for high durability & excellent clarity, Gloss Films can be used for multiple purposes including the lamination of maps, menu cards, labels, certificates, mark sheets, folders & photo albums.

Lamination, no matter how small element it may appear, plays a vital role in the selling of your product. A smart businessman knows how crucial it is to choose the right partner as it is these small elements that define their product & the brand at large. We completely understand that decisions like these cannot be made in the blink of an eye. Cosmo Films has a wide portfolio of Premium Lamination films which can help enhance your brand’s aesthetics and packaging durability. Contact us now to know more about our range of premium packaging and lamination solutions.

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