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Velvet Premium Lamination Films for Your High-End Products

Velvet Premium Lamination Films for Your High-End Products

In this new era, where customer is the king, it isn’t really hard to notice how businesses are looking forward to lead through investing in premium packaging for their products. Packaging puts the first impression and thus, makes a real difference in the minds of a consumer. Being a high-end brand, you surely don’t want to ruin the value of your product with ordinary packaging. This is where Premium Velvet Lamination Films come into the picture.

Velvet Lamination Films allow your product to mirror its premium brand identity. It provides a stunning and luxurious look that lasts for long, making it the most-desirable packaging solution for high-end products. The finish added to printed or unprinted paper, cosmetic boxes & liquor cartons, is all that defines Velvet Lamination Films.

The film works excellently in the lamination of coffee table books, magazines, brochures, manuals, shopping bags, wedding cards, gift boxes, diaries, liquor cartons, perfume boxes, watches, jewellery boxes etc. Let us talk about these incredible films in greater detail.

Why Velvet Premium Lamination Films

The elegant embossing effect and durability of Velvet Premium Lamination Films result in a velvety-soft touch providing a strong identity to the luxurious product by making it presentable & attractive. Velvet lamination is a clear cut fusion of premium quality and excellent visuals, making a product stand out.

Features & Benefits of Velvet Lamination Films

  • The feather-touch laminate for luxury & paperboard packaging gives it a velvety feel elevating the final look and real-feel of the printed piece.
  • Provides an elevating and unique look with its gold and silver embossing effect.
  • It is durable & scuff resistant.
  • Fiber tear bond strength with paper heightens its packaging durability and makes it compatible for box/case lamination.
  • The protective layer increases the shelf life of the printed surface.
  • Fine aesthetics and functional features together make it more appealing for the targeted audiences.
  • The excellent lay-flat property prevents it from curling under humid conditions.
  • The amazing laminating film is suitable for all UV spot coating, foil stamping & varnishing.

Cosmo Films, with years of research and development, has engineered a range of Premium Lamination Films that add a visual appeal to your high-end products. Some of the variations offered by the company for Velvet Lamination Films are-

Wet BOPP Velvet Lamination Film – One side velvet matte finish and another side chemically coated wet laminating BOPP film. Its key features are premium velvet finish, wonderful bond strength with paper and good resistance to scuff.

Thermal Black Velvet Film – Black colored velvet touch lamination BOPP films feature UV spot coating and foil stamping sandwiched between film and paper. Apart from imparting a velvet touch, it also offers excellent scuff resistance for box/case lamination.

Wet Black Velvet Film – Black colored velvet lamination BOPP film with matte velvet touch finish also renders great scuff resistance and is suitable for UV spot coating and foil stamping.

Nylon based Thermal Velvet Film – One side velvet matte coated and the other side extrusion coated nylon-based BOPP film is treated by thermal lamination on both sides. The film’s surface is extrusion coated with low temperature melting resin. It is applied with heat and pressure, perfect for paper products.

Thermal Velvet Film – One side velvet matte coated and the other side extrusion coated, it is a BOPP based film treated both sides with thermal lamination. The film has an extrusion-coated surface with melted resin providing fiber tear bond strength.

Silver Velvet Films – It’s a metalized BOPP film with one side velvet feel and other side extrusion coated thermal lamination film. It has an extrusion coated surface that imparts a velvet feel with a silvery look. It’s perfect for paper products like magazines, book covers and user manuals.

We have all witnessed the packaging industry evolving by leaps and bounds in a short span of time. This has given birth to new styles and presentation techniques, making way for the advent of impressive looking Premium Velvet Lamination Films. Cosmo Films’ range of Velvet Films not only gives your brand a luxurious finish, but also helps catch the eyes of the consumer on the shelf. When you opt for these films to be used on your package, you are choosing to capture and hold the attention of your target audience.

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