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How You Can Use Waterproof Cosmo Synthetic Paper?

How You Can Use Waterproof Cosmo Synthetic Paper?

Few Applications of Waterproof Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Water, as crucial as it is for life, doesn’t bode well with products like paper. It sogs it, rendering it weak & fades anything printed on it. Synthetic paper provides a direct solution to this problem with one of its core features—water resistance.
A product is as good as the range of applications it offers. While this solution is out there, most people don’t know the applications, which often leaves synthetic paper underutilised. Before we dive into it, let us introduce you to one of the best in this category.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP)
Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a co-extruded BOPP-based, white opaque film with a high resemblance to conventional paper. It’s made using synthetic substrates and can be folded, die-cut, sheeted, perforated, foil stamped & laminated. CSP is non-tearable and has oil & chemical resistance, superior strength, & more.
Here are a few more benefits-

  • Good folding endurance
  • Excellent lay flatness
  • Suitable for hot-foil stamping
  • Recyclable

Besides all this, the feature that makes Cosmo Synthetic Paper stand out from its counterparts is its exceptional water resistance.
So where can you use this waterproof synthetic paper?

Menu Cards
Menu cards deployed in the restaurant industry have a high tendency to get wet. It can happen because of negligence, poor storage or a spill by the server or the customer. The establishment often tries to dry the menu card, but if the print is hampered, they discard it.
This will be a problem of old with menu cards printed on Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Outdoor Maps
Many might argue, but people still buy outdoor maps as it provides reliable data regardless of internet connection. The worst a traveller could go through is losing the map to a harsh climate like heavy rain.
Maps printed on CSP handle water with ease, regardless of its quantity, providing clear directions to always reach the destination.

Billboards are great for advertising. But they will be useless if they cannot keep up with the changing climate.
As CSP is dimensionally stable, advertisements printed on it will retain its size & print whether it is hot, cold, windy, raining & snowing.

Certificates are often laminated to keep them safe but offer limited resistance against water. Protect these important documents better by printing certificates on synthetic paper.
It is printable with most of the popular printing techniques & can be written on with pencils and oil-based pens, making signing on it effortless.

The blueprint of a building is crucial during construction. However, construction sites are big open areas where moisture can ruin the print of the blueprint.
With blueprints printed on CSP, you get moisture, oil & chemical resistance, making it ready for the perils of a construction site. Post use handling is also easier with its recyclable nature.

Visiting Cards
Visiting cards have the basic details for people to contact you & your company. You would want it to endure occasional water splashes.
CSP has variants that are printable on both sides to give the sharp text that doesn’t fade because of water.

Nametags for Pets
The nametags on your furry friends are their identification. Print them on CSP to ensure the details stay where they are despite where they play or which weather they go walks for.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more applications ranging from children’s books to photo albums & everything in between.
The desire for durability & versatility with high print quality makes Cosmo Synthetic Paper a tremendous success.

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