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What is Cosmo BOPET Films, and how do Its Applications surround us?

What is Cosmo BOPET Films, and how do Its Applications surround us?

The everyday Lives of Human Beings could be challenging and hectic if no inventions were made for the Cosmo BOPET Films.

Cosmo BOPET Films, also known as the BOPET (Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate), is a clear, flexible, transparent, or translucent material produced from polyester (PET) resin stretched scientifically and mechanically. PET is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation.

Cosmo BOPET Films applications have made our life easy and convenient, and fast-paced for the modern world.

Let’s dive deep and understand more about the Cosmo BOPET Films.

How are Cosmo BOPET Films made?

The manufacturing process of Cosmo BOPET Films starts with the melted PET Resin being extruded onto a chill roll, which quenches it into the amorphous state. It is then biaxially oriented. When This happens, it is called BOPET. The most common way of doing this is the sequential process. The film is first drawn in the machine direction using heated rollers and subsequently removed in the transverse order, for Example – orthogonally to the direction of travel in a heated oven.

Once the drawing is completed, the film is “heat set” or crystallized under tension in the oven at temperatures typically above 200 °C (392 °F). The heat setting step prevents the film from shrinking back to its original 

upstretched shape and locks in the molecular orientation in the film plane. The orientation of the polymer chains is responsible for the high strength and stiffness of biaxially oriented PET film.

Biaxially oriented PET film can be metalized by depositing a thin layer of evaporated aluminum Vapors of gold, silver, or other metal colors onto it.

The Metalized BOPET is less permeable to gasses important in food packaging and reflects up to 99% of light to Protect the Inside Content of applications like food packaging.

The aluminized Cosmo BOPET Films gets laminated with a layer of polyethylene, which provides seal ability and improves puncture resistance.

Applications Gamut of Cosmo BOPET Films

The Applications and conversion possibilities with Cosmo BOPET Films are Limitless, or BOPET applications are abundant around us, to which we get introduced and exposed daily.

We list a few of the Finest Applications of Cosmo BOPET Films for the Sake of Knowledge of all industry Peers.

Flexible packaging and Cosmo BOPET Films

Laminates containing metalized BOPET foil protect food against oxidation and aroma loss, achieving long shelf life. Examples are coffee foil packaging and Stand pouches for convenience foods, FMCG, Food & Retail Industry.

• Candy is being wrapped in silver BOPET.

They were previously wrapped in foil.

• White Cosmo BOPET Films is used for the Lidding Application in Yogurt, Cup Noodles, Mineral water, Soups, and Dessert Packaging.

• Transparent Cosmo BOPET Films is used as lidding for fresh or frozen ready meals & Beverages. Due to its excellent heat resistance, it can remain on the package during microwave or oven heating.

• Ultra Clear Cosmo BOPET Films is Used for the Thermal lamination Process for the Mono Cartons and Expensive catalogs.

• Nylon Air Balloons are being Replaced with the Metallized BOPET and Non-Metalized Cosmo BOPET Films.

• Cosmo BOPET Films also makes Printable Media for Photobook & Security Printing Industry.

• Cosmo BOPET Films is the go-to choice for the Bag in Box Packaging Applications for the Wine Industry & other beverages.

The use of Cosmo BOPET Films is endless; we only need to imagine our Product or Brand Incorporating this into their Product strategy.

PET-G Version of Cosmo BOPET Films is Very Famous for the Uniform Shrink Sleeve Applications.