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Why is Cosmo Synthetic Paper the Right Fit for Clothing Tags?

Why is Cosmo Synthetic Paper the Right Fit for Clothing Tags?

Competition for customers is severe in today’s market. A minor inconvenience is all it takes for customers to switch outlets and go shop somewhere else. One such example is clothing tags. In the apparel industry, clothing tags are of utmost importance and must be attached to the clothes at all times. These deliver information such as size, fabric, wash instructions and cost to the shoppers.

A few torn tags in an outlet are enough to overwhelm the shop assistants with customers scrambling for information. This chaos can be avoided with clothing tags printed on High Tear Resistant Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Clothing Tags
Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP) is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene-based synthetic film with unique properties that back its versatile use. It is ideal to print food labels, caution tags, baggage tags and apparel tags. The benefit in focus is its non-tearable nature that gives clothing tags much-needed durability. Besides that, CSP can be folded, die-cut, sheeted, serrated, perforated, foil stamped and laminated.

Let’s go over a few advantages of Cosmo Synthetic Paper that are particularly useful for clothing tags.

Reasons Cosmo Synthetic Paper is the Right Fit for Clothing Tags 

It is made using synthetic substrates that expand when stretched, making it near impossible to tear. This property is music to the ears of the clothing industry as the tags made from CSP can handle the transportation, storage and display with ease.

Accidents involving water are common when dealing with tonnes of clothes. While the cloth itself will dry off and be as good as new in a few hours, the same cannot be said for its tags. 
CSP clothing tags are waterproof so it doesn’t absorb water or become soggy and retains the print to its finest details.

Having these unique features doesn’t have any negative impact on its printability. CSP is printable with most of the available printing technologies and by conventional & UV offset, letterpress, water & UV flexo, thermal transfer, etc. Compatibility with thermal transfer can be a boon to print apparel tags with high speed and efficiency.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper resembles pulp-based paper to an extent in look and feel. It is pleasant to touch with a smooth, even texture and a bright white finish which is essential for clothing tags.

A clothing store goes through different prices throughout the year. It also faces cases of returns and refunds, all of which could use tags that can be altered on the go.
Tags printed on CSP are writable with oil-based pens and pencils. This enables the shop assistants to write refund dates, grievance numbers or similar data directly onto it.

The core premise of Cosmo Synthetic Paper is that it’s used wherever durability is desired. Once tagged, the tags ought to remain on the clothes till they are removed by the customer after a sale. 
From print quality to the tag itself, CSP promises long-lasting tags that complete this journey. Even in harsh conditions, the film remains dimensionally stable and sturdy.

The use and throw culture has produced a global problem of wastage. CSP helps with this battle as it’s recyclable and eco-friendly. Its production also uses green practices, aimed at meticulously using raw material to keep wastage at bay.
Not just for clothing tags, CSP is great for labels, commercial printing and outdoor printing too. It is a versatile solution that will help fulfil your organization’s needs.

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