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7 Reasons to Print on Cosmo Synthetic Paper

7 Reasons to Print on Cosmo Synthetic Paper

All businesses print on paper for some reason or the other. From printing signed contracts to advertising for their upcoming products, most of them spend heavily on this.

While traditional paper has always been the go-to option, there is an alternative that can be used wherever durability is desired.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene-based synthetic film which resembles paper in appearance. It is non-tearable, has moisture & chemical resistance and has excellent lay flatness. Adding to its list of benefits is its incredible compatibility with most of the available printing technologies, producing high-quality, long-lasting images that don’t need the additional protection of a lamination film.

Here are 7 definite reasons why you must consider printing on Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Print Compatibility
It’s printable with a diverse range of printing technologies like Conventional Offset, UV Offset, UV Flexo printing, Water-based Flexo printing, Thermal Transfer, Screen, Letterpress, UV Inkjet, HP Indigo & HP Latex printing and select Laser Print technologies. This lets businesses go ahead & print their requirements without the need to invest in new equipment.
Its vast compatibility lets you print high-quality images regardless of the style/size your business requires.

One of the most noticeable properties of this film when you hold it is its extreme resistance to tearing. This increased physical durability comes from the way Cosmo Synthetic Paper is made. It is mechanically stretched in both directions with a cross-direction technique, making it lighter yet stronger.
This property is especially useful in printing children’s books that are subjected to additional wear & tear.

Special Resistances
Talking about durability, it’s not just tear-resistant. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is resistant to water, moisture, oil & chemicals.
The latter resistances help in printing labels & tags used in laboratories and chemical drums. The instructions printed on those must remain readable at all times to avoid accidents & misuse.

A grade over waterproof, weatherproof paper means this synthetic paper can be utilized for outdoor use without any issue. It keeps moisture, water, dust, etc from breaching its surface & keeps the colour of the print from fading. All the foreign elements can be removed by simple wiping them off with a cloth.
As it is weatherproof it’s used in outdoor applications like printing posters, advertisements, plant tags & signages.

Writeable & Erasable
Apart from its printability, Cosmo Synthetic Paper is writeable with pencils & oil-based pens, similar to pul-based paper.
This lets retail stores edit the printed price on the go by simply slashing with an oil-based pen and writing the new price of the product. It’s also helpful in printing writing practice books that stay with the students throughout their learning journey.

Reduced Production Time & Cost
Cosmo Synthetic Paper improves its production time & cost by eliminating the need to laminate it. With improved physical endurance than its alternatives, this synthetic paper doesn’t need the extra safety step.
It can be used to print certificates, degrees & official documents without the hassle of getting them laminated separately.

In today’s use-and-throw world, this synthetic paper is eco-friendly as it offers the ability to be recycled.
Not just that, it helps in water conservation, prevents air pollution, and does not make use of hazardous chemicals at the time of manufacturing.

Still unsure about printing on Cosmo Synthetic Paper? Connect with our experts to know all about it & request a free sample to see the benefits yourself!

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