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Why use stretch films to wrap your goods

Why use stretch films to wrap your goods

Why use stretch films to wrap your goods

Stretch film also known as stretch wrap is a plastic film that is highly stretchable and is used to wrap around items. There are different types of stretch films available in the market to meet the specific requirements of the stretch film wrapping needs based on type, performance, size as well as budget.

3 Top benefits of stretch films

Stretch film delivers superior item protection
These films keep the product free of moisture, dust and dirt. The shipping damages are minimal. If UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) stretch films are used it protects the item stored outdoors from ultra-violet rays. Apart from concealing the item contents it also reduces the instances of pilferage.

Stretch films are cost effective
Stretch film wrapping is a better alternative to strapping or heat shrink film. The machine, stretch wrap equipment, is less expensive compared to the other alternatives and also in terms of an amount of energy consumed.

Stretch wrapping is efficient
The item wrapped using stretch films can be easily scanned through optics. Since its easy to wrap, the productivity of the workers increases.
The stretch films can be recycled. There are many types of wrapping films to suit your specific requirements. Here we look at the various types of stretch films.

Blown Stretch Films
This type of film used on high force products as they have superior puncture resistance. They look hazy and dull and are very noisy when you unwind the film for wrapping.

Hand Stretch Film
This film is also known as hand wrap, pallet wrap or hand stretch wrap. These films are usually used when the weight of the item is less. The reason is that hand wrapping is an extremely difficult task as it has to be done manually. If not done in an appropriate manner, it can cause damage to the items wrapped.

Converted Films
This type of film is stretched before wrapping the product/item. Converted films are not only consistent and strong but also can be recycled. Apart from that, not many revolutions of the film are required to wrap the load. This means you not only save time but also avoid wastage of film.

Cast Stretch Film
Also known as a cast film or cast wrap have amazing optics, glossy and have excellent tear resistance. They have consistent thickness and cling. These films unwind without noise.

Machine Stretch Film
To wrap an item using this type of wrap film you need a stretch wrap machine. Some of the benefits of using machine stretch film over hand stretch film include the reduced material cost, ease of use and safety. Plus the items are better secured because of efficient packaging.

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