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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is United Nation’s flagship initiative for spreading awareness and encouraging action for the protection of our environment. The global host for 2018’s World Environment Day is none other than India itself.
India’s commitment to ‘green social responsibility’ is reflected at Cosmo Films which follows a multi-pronged strategy to enable growth that is sustainable and inclusive by leveraging our strengths. Cosmo Films follows environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing processes. Cosmo strives to establish a sustainable manufacturing model by:

  • Continuous quality improvements and adherence to a right-first-time policy
  • Close monitoring of utilities consumption to optimize their usage
  • Regeneration of waste/scrap material to be used as input for production
  • Recycling of paper cores and use of plastic and aluminium cores for in-house requirements, resulting in reduced use of paper core
  • Partnering with customers for packaging structure rationalization to reduce material consumption

At Cosmo Films, we understand that even a small positive eco-impact is important and we strive to create superior and eco-friendly alternatives to existing non-recyclable products as a sustainable solution for our customers.

Some of the easily recyclable homogeneous structures developed by Cosmo Films are:

BOPP/Met High Barrier BOPP/CPP

The traditional non-recyclable 3 ply structure, Pet, Paper & Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) used for soap wrappers, have now been replaced with Cosmo Film’s BOPP based completely recyclable 2 ply laminates. Also our recently developed high barrier film can replace aluminium foil and heat resistant BOPP film can replace polyester in reverse printed films.

Cosmo Films is an ISO 14001 accredited organization with long standing and well-established Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) systems. Cosmo’s products comply with all the requirements of BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials for direct food contact and non-food applications. Some of the specific steps taken by Cosmo Films to enhance its EHS status are:

  • Continuous efforts to reduce water usage, waste generation and GHG emissions
  • Innovations in product portfolio like oxo-biodegradable films, water based coatings, supporting water based printing and down gauging
  • Monitoring & Management of plant environment parameters like noise, illumination, ventilation, air quality etc
  • Ensuring a safe environment for our employees and laying out guidelines for the use of safety gear (hair net, gloves etc.), clearly identified locations for updated safety equipment and well-defined exit and evacuation procedures
  • State-of-the-art Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to ensure ZERO effluent discharge

Cosmo is committed to being an energy efficient manufacturer by continuously reducing resources and power consumption through several initiatives, such as:

  • Use of natural light by design of the building
  • Replacing HPMV lamps with more environment friendly and power efficient light source like LED
  • Regular energy audits to identify gaps and taking suitable corrective actions accordingly
  • Rain water harvesting and reuse of effluent treated water in all manufacturing units

India is leading the charge on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ which is the World Environment theme for 2018. Cosmo’s many sustainable packaging solutions are our contribution to help reduce the production and excessive use of single-use plastic which is not just polluting our oceans and damaging marine life but even threatening human health. At Cosmo, we are doing our bit to make sure that when India hosts this event it can be one step closer to saying that it is leading this initiative by setting an example for the entire world to follow.

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