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Flexible Packaging Films

Flexible Packaging Films

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Flexible Packaging Films

Our Flexible Packaging films are used by the world’s best flexible packaging manufacturers, servicing leading global FMCG brands, because we are able to provide a solution for every need - ranging from optical properties, superior printability and low sealing temperature, to high hot tack, low COF and stable COF, which are required for any flexible packaging application.

Our printing & pouching films are used in the packaging of snack foods, bakery products, ice creams, fresh foods, chocolates and confectionery, etc.
We offer superior performance films supporting high quality printing & converting. The films could be used either as a monoweb or as a laminate on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machines.

Available Types:
Transparent Printing and Pouching Films Click here
Matte Printing and Pouching Films Click here
Pigmented White/Pearlized Printing and Pouching Films Click here
Metalized Printing and Pouching Films Click here
CPP Click here

Our focus on our customers’ needs led to the development of our range of barrier films. These Barrier films provide solutions for two of the biggest challenges the packaging film industry is facing:
[a] reducing food wastage through enhanced shelf life of food products, and;
[b] reducing packaging material consumption through laminate rationalization
Our range of moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier films are solvent-free coated films, which are generally used in duplex/triplex laminate structures, and offer very good machinability.

Available Types:
Transparent Barrier Films Click here
White Barrier Films Click here
Metalized Barrier Films Click here

Our range of overwrap films are used in various applications including general overwrap, cable overwrap and cigarette overwrap.
Our cigarette overwrap films are co extruded, low heat sealing and hot slip modified non-treated BOPP films, which can run effortlessly on high speed machines. Different shrinkage values of these films support wrapping of both single as well as medium bundled packs.

Available Types:
Transparent Overwrap Films Click here
White Overwrap Films Click here

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