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Transparent Printing & Pouching Films

Our transparent heat sealable printing and packaging films are used for  packaging of biscuits, confectionery, ice-cream, meat, fresh cut vegetable & salads, bakery foods, snack foods etc. These Tranparent Printing and Pouch films have low seal initiation temp.(SIT) which helps for high speed runnability on VFFS & HFFS machines for better productivity.

Available Types:

HST-1 (LCF) T095 : Printing & Pouching Low COF & Low Temperature Sealing Film


It is a co-extruded, both side heat sealable and one side treated Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene film


  • Excellent machinability
  • Good ink adhesion
  • High heat seal strength
  • Good optical properties
  • Seals at low temperature, hence broader heat seal temperature range
  • Low COF throughout printing & laminating process


  • General purpose printing, pouching of snacks, bakery products
  • As a component in multi-layer laminate for VFFS & HFFS application
  • Strip packaging for cough drops


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