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Cosmo Films Forays Into B2C Industry by Launching Fabritizer

Cosmo Films Forays Into B2C Industry by Launching Fabritizer

Cosmo Films has served the B2B specialty films industry for over 40 years now, trusted by global companies for our range of specialty films for packaging, lamination & labeling. Having achieved immense success & positive response for the former operations, we are now foraying into the B2C sector with the launch of a revolutionary product—Fabritizer, Kapdon ka Sanitizer. Our unique product is an answer to these challenging times as it provides complete protection to your clothes against germs, bacteria & viruses for up to 7 days.

The pandemic crisis raised concerns about health & hygiene across the globe. Thus, using packaged food, sanitizing hands, etc. became important more than ever considering the contagious nature of the virus and is going to stay even in the post-pandemic era. And we’ve all been sanitizing our hands, maintaining good personal hygiene means more than that. We need to keep our clothes sanitized as well.

To meet the rising concerns, Cosmo Films ventured into the B2C Chemical industry. The Cosmo R&D team invested time & money to design an innovative product that provides your clothes the protection they deserve. From R&D to manufacturing, Fabritizer is made in India and certified by top global laboratories for safe use & desired results.

Fabritizer is a semi-luxury product that completes your laundry experience by creating a protective layer on your clothes that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria & viruses. Fabritizer is the only patented product in the market to use silver-free technology. Below are its key benefits:

  1. It forms a unique protective layer around the clothes that fights against germs, bacteria & viruses.
  2. It is 99.9% effective against germs.
  3. It stays effective for up to 7 days even after ironing.
  4. It is gentle on clothes & fights odor with its soothing fragrance.
  5. It is 100% organic and friendly to the skin.
  6. It is suitable for baby clothes, bedsheets, linen, towels & all types of clothes that need sanitization.
  7. It provides protection against human coronaviruses (tested as per ISO 18184 standards at a Lab in the USA).
  8. It is certified as per AATCC 100: 2012 and 2019 Standard.

Sanitizing clothes is the need for the hour that prevents the transfer of viruses, germs & bacteria, and limits the spread of infection. Cosmo Films, as your responsible partner in innovation, instead of stepping back in the pandemic worked even hard to achieve unprecedented results for you & the environment by creating a range of solutions, even if it meant foraying into a completely new industry.

Apart from Fabritizer, we also introduced Cosmo Antimicrobial lamination films to protect the propagation of viruses on different surfaces, like books, lift buttons, tabletops, etc. We follow the highest quality standards in engineering each of our products so that they meet multiple requirements in an efficient way without harming the environment or users. We test our products on multiple parameters like suitability for skin contact, recyclability, protection against germs & much more.

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